News for and about Grace Episcopal Church August 9, 2006

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Grace Vestry Votes to Seek Mission Status for Grace

Education for Ministry Classes Start in September; Information Meeting This Sunday

Be an Acolyte


  • Grace Vestry Votes to Seek Mission Status for Grace
  • At a special on July 23, Grace Church's Vestry voted to apply to the Diocese for Mission status. Mission status will make available financial aid from the Diocese that would not otherwise be available. This aid, it is believed, will make it possible for Grace to continue on its road back to health. You can read the minutes of the special Vestry meeting here.

    The Vesty meeting followed a Congregational Meeting at which parishioners were told about the rationale for seeking Mission status. After some discussion, the sense of those present was to support a Vestry decision for a change in status. Prior to the meeting, parishioners were sent a package containing information on the proposed status change as well as information about vestry actions this year and progress on putting together a strategic plan. You can access the contents of this package of information on the news page of the Grace Church web site here.

    The rationale for a change to Mission status is outlined in Parish Administrator Jim Edgy's memo "On the Future of Grace Church" here. It He makes the case that at a change from Parish to Mission status at this point has nothing but positive potential with no downside.

  • Education for Ministry Classes Start in September; Information Meeting This Sunday
  • Education for Ministry (EfM) provides a safe place for lay people to refine their faith, articulate their faith and live their faith through a structured group learning experience.

    EfM is an extension course from the School of Theology of the University of the South at Sewanee and is sponsored by the Diocese of Southern Ohio. EfM seminars consist of 6 to 12 adults led by a trained mentor who meet weekly to reflect theologically and discuss the Bible, church history and theology.

    What EfM does better than any other theological education program is to equip people to integrate their faith with their real life experiences in ways that make sense and bring meaning to their lives. EfM graduates attest to being able to live more full and abundant lives. Many discover (or rediscover) their ministries in their daily life and work. Some find themselves called to use their talents in new ways. In all cases, those who complete the program have new confidence in their ability to live their lives as theologically articulate Christians.

    You can read "Everything You Every Wanted to Know about EfM but were Afraid to Ask" here. To find out more about EfM, call mentor Ken Lyon at 513-542-2941. On the web, use your favorite search engine to search for Education Ministry EFM. Then come to the informational meeting on Sunday afternoon, August 13 at 2:30 in Ken's living room in College Hill.

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  • Be an Acolyte
  • Acolyte

    Did you ever wonder what it would be like to carry the cross in procession? Light candles? Help the clergy with Eucharist? Now's your chance; you can be an acolyte at Grace Church.

    If you're a teen-ager, that's great! But if you're not, don't let that deter you; it's never too late to carry the cross.

    Call Jim Edgy in the office at 513-541-2415 if you're interested in filling this important position.

    Phone: 513-541-2415