News for and about Grace Episcopal Church August 31, 2006

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Our Values

Grace Church Long Range Plan Approved

Choir Practice Begins Sunday, September 10, at 9:00am

Congratulations To Our Newly Retired

Pumpkin Patch Festival Coming to College Hill in October

Parking Possibilities

College Hill Offers Many Opportunities to Contribute

Demographics Presentation Rescheduled for September 16

ECW Annual Conference Coming in October

St. Phillip's to Sell Building, Continue Ministry


Our Values

Grace Church

Treat every person as a child of God.

Continually grow and awaken to the presence of God in our lives.

Be always guided by honesty and integrity.

We are nourished by people of every cultural background, honoring everyone's age, race, economic situation, gender, disability, sexual orientation, family configuration and religious approach.

Serve God by sharing with those in need and working actively for social justice.

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  • Grace Church Long Range Plan Approved
  • At a special meeting Sunday, August 27, Vestry reviewed and approved a strategic plan for Grace Church--a plan for to rebuild and revitalize Grace Church so it can regain its ability to serve its parishioners, its community and the Church. Noteworthy throughout the plan is the emphasis on service to the community, even in the face of financial adversity.

    In his introduction to the plan, Parish Administrator Jim Edgy says:

    "I thank the chairs and members of the several committees, without whose thoughtful and dedicated effort, this plan would not have materialized.

    "Grace Church has long had a statement of values that guides its decisions (see left side of this page). However, having an organization that can sustain itself and grow and attract new people who believe in those values does not happen just by stating values.

    "The thing to remember is that this plan is an outline. There are many details left for committees to discuss and determine how they are going to be implemented.

    "We need every person to play a part. You may not be able to work actively on a committee, but you can let your friends who miss church know that they are missed. You can invite other friends to church with you. You can pray that Grace Church will thrive.

    "In the parable of the feeding of the five thousand, the disciples ask Christ what they should do because they thought that feeding that many people would be impossible. Christ replied, 'Go and see what you can find.' They went and asked what the people had, and it turned out that it was enough, and more.

    "If the people of Grace Church 'go and see what we have' and then trust, it will be enough to implement this plan."

    Go and see the plan here ...
  • Choir Practice Begins Sunday, September 10, at 9:00am
  • Grace Church Choir

    With Karla Vogt's departure, it is especially important that we have some additional voices if we are to have a choir this year. You don’t have to have a great voice, read music, or anything of that sort. Just be willing to come to rehearsals on Sunday at 9:00am where I will pound out your part on the piano for you.

    We are getting to the critical point where the question is, “Can we have a choir?" Currently, we have a quartet, not a choir. And the quality of the choir depends upon having many voices.

    If you think the choir is important to our services and you want the choir to sound better, please prayerfully consider joining the choir. We need you. Please see me if you have questions.

    Jim Edgy, Minister of Music (513-541-2415, ).

  • Congratulations To Our Newly Retired
  • After 28 years of dedicated service to the Cincinnati Health Department, Walter Handy will retire as Assistant Health Commissioner on September 1. Walter is an “8 o'clocker” who has served Grace Church in many capacities including Senior Warden. When asked about his most memorable experience, Walter said there were many but recalled the BASF chemical plant explosion in 1989 in the populated area near Montgomery Rd. and Dana Ave. Walter oversaw the extensive follow-up involving many cracked building foundations and possible spread of particulates. Walter still runs 10-12 miles per week, plays tennis once a week, and often walks with wife, Judy. He is looking forward to possible consultant tasks and volunteering with public health projects.

    Jo Carroll will retire for the second time on September 7, after five years with the Kroger Company. Previously, Jo had retired from a number of years service as a court stenographer with the Hamilton County Courts. Jo compared this latter work as learning a foreign language and a musical instrument simultaneously. Jo has helped out in many ways at Grace Church including serving on the Vestry, Lay Eucharistic Visitor and the Healing Ministry. While her future plans are still in formation, she may decide to enjoy the retiree life in Florida this winter. Best Wishes to both our retirees!

    Article contributed by Grace Staples.

  • Pumpkin Patch Festival Coming to College Hill in October
  • Pumpkin Patch

    The Pumpkin Patch Fall Festival on October 7 provides a good opportunity for Grace to show it is alive and kicking.

    We could do this in a several ways: In the Scarecrow Contest (Who can come up with a great fun scarecrow?) or by renting a table ( it's only $35 and they give us a couple of chairs too) or we could simply offer a couple of volunteers.

    Contact Mary McLain (513-541-8509, maryemclain@fus if you're interested in helping Grace show its renewed presence in College Hill.

  • Parking Possibilities
  • Mary McLain reports that Grace Church and our neighbors across the street, the College Hill Recreation Center, both of whom need additional parking, are exploring their mutual interests.

    Grace, who has the vacant property but no money to build a proper lot and the Recreation Center, which has the wherewithal to build a parking lot but no land upon which to build, are discussing the possibility of developing a lot for joint use. So far we have had one meeting and a letter of inquiry has been sent to the City. The Recreation Center Manager reports the City is very interested. We should be hearing from them soon.

  • College Hill Offers Many Opportunities to Contribute
  • Mary McLain has been attending the College Hill Summit as a Grace representative and reports on some of the unmet needs in our community. (The Summit is a monthly meeting of representatives of College Hill groups whose purpose is to share information and coordinate efforts).

    • The Pleasant Hill Academy, which has been in academic emergency for several years, has a new Principal and Assistant Principal who are asking the community for tutors, classroom helpers, and adults to play with the children and teach them games, so they have more to do than just run around and yell.
    • The Principal at the College Hill Fundamental School says her kids need help with emotional and behavioral issues and the parents need help learning to improve their parenting skills.
    • Aiken High School students have a host of unmet needs from homelessness to hunger to a need for counseling as well as school supplies and personal hygiene products. The Franciscan Sisters of the Poor , who are hoping to start a Holistic Healing Ministry in CH, want to provide support for the staff and teachers who work with the kids.

    Mary asks, "Are there some ways we at Grace, few that we are, could help our community's children?"

  • Demographics Presentation Rescheduled for September 16
  • That Demographic Study Presentation is now scheduled for Saturday, September 16 from 3:00pm to 5:00pm. Come and learn about the area we serve.

  • ECW Annual Conference Coming in October
  • The Rev. Nancy Roth, Episcopal priest, retreat leader, author, dancer and musician is the keynoter and workshop leader at the Episcopal Church Women Conference on October 13 and 14.

    Held at the Procter Camp & Conference Center, the retreat is a time for women from around the diocese to come together for spiritual nourishment and fellowship. Costs range from $40 for commuters to $80 for single occupancy room.

    Register online at, under the Calendar or contact the Rev. Deacon Irene Radcliff (614-267- 2145, imradcliff@yahoo. com). Registration deadline: October 2.

  • St. Phillip's to Sell Building, Continue Ministry
  • St. Philip's Church in Northside asked that the following message be shared with the Diocese:

    After many years of struggling with the ever- increasing cost of maintaining a church that was built in 1872 and a parish hall that was built in 1930, St. Philip's has reached the difficult conclusion that if the ministry of St. Philip's was to survive and thrive, then the building needed to sold. The need for ministry and witness to the Northside neighborhood continues to grow.

    In consultation with Bishop Price and the Committee on Congregational Life, a plan was formed and the Mission Council petitioned the Standing Committee for permission to sell the church and its property at 4139 Kirby Road and to use the proceeds from the sale to finance the on-going ministry of St. Philip's in Northside. Permission was granted. A sale to the Northside Community Baptist Church, who has been sharing our worship space is pending. Northside Community GED School, which has been housed at St. Philip's for the last twenty-five years, is currently finalizing plans to move the school to a new location.

    St. Philip's will hold Sunday and Holy Day Services as well as meetings and classes in the building owned and used by CAIN--Churches Active in Northside--at 4130 Hamilton Avenue. The church office will be in the Rev. Debbie Gamble's home, which is next door to CAIN.

    The Baptist Church has given permission for us to continue Phil's Place, a ministry to provide a hot meal every Friday evening for the children and residents of the community, in the parish hall at 4139 Kirby Road.

    On October 11th the Bishop will preside at a service that will open at St. Philip's and give thanks for all of the worship that has occurred there, the ministry that has gone forth from there and the memories that were made there during the last 134 years. Bishop Price and the congregation will then move to CAIN where the space for worship will be blessed. A cookout will be provided by White Oak Christian Church, a regular supporter of CAIN, for all involved in the service as well as the CAIN clients, staff, volunteers and Northside residents. At 6:30 the Bishop will dedicate the newly remodeled Choice Pantry also located in the CAIN building. St. Timothy's and Good Samaritan Episcopal Churches were a big part of remodeling the food pantry. People are invited to participate in any or all of the activities that evening.

    On Sunday, October 15th, gathering about 10:00 and beginning worship at 10:30, we will hold our first Sunday worship service in the CAIN building.

    Grace Church Phone: 513-541-2415