News for and about Grace Episcopal Church September 21, 2006

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Our Values

Grace Achieves Mission Status

New Grace Website Design Implemented

Legends of the Bible Begins October 1st

So Much News, So Little Time....


Our Values

Grace Church

Treat every person as a child of God.

Continually grow and awaken to the presence of God in our lives.

Be always guided by honesty and integrity.

We are nourished by people of every cultural background, honoring everyone's age, race, economic situation, gender, disability, sexual orientation, family configuration and religious approach.

Serve God by sharing with those in need and working actively for social justice.

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  • Grace Achieves Mission Status
  • Bishop Kenneth Price, Jr.

    The Right Reverend Kenneth Price, Jr. has informed the Wardens that Grace's petition to be granted Mission status has been approved by Commission on Congregational Life and himself. The effective date was August 27.

    In his notification letter, Bishop Price said, "I am confident that Grace Church's mission vision for the future is bright and I look forward to working with you in the furtherance of our Lord's work through Grace Episcopal Church in College Hill."

    To understand the rationale and implications of this change from Parish to Mission status, see "On the Future of Grace Church." This paper was part of a larger mailing that went to the congregation in July. To see an index of all the contents or that mailing, go here.

    In essence, what this change in status does for Grace is make more Diocesan resources available.

  • New Grace Website Design Implemented
  • Grace Church's website has changed. Take a look here.

    The new design is by Roger Speers, who, besides being the Diocesan Youth Officer, also runs a little web design business on the side. We believe that the new design shows Grace more positively than the earlier design, which your editor did quickly just to get a website up for Grace.

    Please peruse the new site and let your editor know what you think. Think about what should be changed or added to present Grace's best side, and let me know at

    Next, we'll update the format of eGraceNotes with the new designs, and then go on to see how the new design can be incorporated into our signage, letterhead, bulletin and other materials so that we can present a consistent face to ourselves and the world.

    See the new website here ...
  • Legends of the Bible Begins October 1st
  • Legends of the Bible

    Grace has been chosen as the first site to try Legends of the Bible, a new Sunday School curriculum for kids of all ages.

    "Join us each Sunday as we listen to the stories of normal men and women who were transformed into heroes and changed the lives of their families, friends and the course of an entire people."

    "Hear the story...

    Make cool art ...

    Play great games!"

    Think of the young people you know who would like to do something really different in church, and invite them to Grace on Sunday, October 1 at 10:00am.

  • So Much News, So Little Time....
  • There is much more Grace news to report than you're seeing in this eGraceNotes. Your editor is running a little behind, but promised to catch up sometime after he returns from California late next week.

    Grace Church Phone: 513-541-2415