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July 2, 2007
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Fr. John's Parting Words
Good Financial News
The Rev. Ernestein Flemister Comes to Grace
We Give Thanks For ....
Ruth Koeppe Dies
Questions on the Porch
Coffee Hour Host/Hostess Openings
Flower Offerings
Our Values
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Fr. John's Parting Words

Dear brothers and sisters in Christ,

Thank you so much for the very lovely reception/coffee hour on Sunday last.  I so appreciate the efforts of those who provided it, and of those who stopped by for a chat and to wish me Godspeed.  (I look forward to hanging the picture which is coming in our study.)  A number of people have had some very moving things to say to me, and I have been greatly moved by them. 

Our time together at Grace Church has been one of many shared blessings.  I have been moved by the determination that the mission of Grace Church will continue to grow and develop. 

May God's richest blessings continue to pour out upon you as you move forward in ministry together with your new partner, Ernestein.  We will see each other from time to time as our paths continue to cross around the diocese.  Pray for me, as I will for thee, that we may merrily meet in heaven.

Peace and Love,
Fr. John

Good Financial News

We have even more cause to be thankful, given these bits of financial good news.

  • The Church Foundation has awarded Grace Church a grant of $40,000 to replace the heating system in the 1957 wing.  Our request for a loan to do the remainder of the work that is needed is being considered.  Keep this in your prayers.

  • We have been awarded a grant of $500 from the Evangelism Commission to purchase new Episcopal Church signs for both Hamilton and Belmont Avenues.

  • We have been awarded a sizable grant to assist in paying for a full time Vicar over the next two years.

If it happened at Grace, but you didn't read about it here, it's probably because your editor hear about it. eMail your news to

Ken Lyon, editor

 The Rev. Ernestein Flemister Comes to Grace

The Rev. Ernestein Flemister

Over 50 members and friends welcomed the Reverend Ernestein Flemister as the new Vicar of Grace Church this past Sunday.  Ms. Flemister celebrated Eucharist and was greeted at a reception in her honor following the service.  

See more pictures here.
We Give Thanks For ...

We are often reminded to be thankful for all that God has given us. Lately, there have been many occasions to give thanks. Among them are these:

  • Thanks to the volunteers who called all our members and friends to find out how they are and to tell them about the receptions for Fr. Bower and for our new Vicar, the Rev. Ernestein Flemister.  Thanks to:  Maureen Back, Charlotte Battistone, Ruth Bertram, Susan Dewbrey, Phillis Dietz, Judy Handy, Greta Kappes, Elizabeth Kelly, Mary McLain, Wanda Miller, Florence Poyer and Grace Staples.

  • Fr. Bower thanks everyone for their prayers for his wife Louise.  She is doing well following her surgery for a hiatal hernia.

  • From Louise Bower: "Thank you for the altar flowers.  What a cheery sight the summer flowers are in our home this week as I go the the ups and downs of this recovery.  Thank you also for your prayer and concerns.  My prayers and love go with you as you begin this new day in your resurrected life as a parish."

  • From newly anointed Rector Emeritus Ray Betts: "Thanks to all the fine people of Grace Church who made such a wonderful day for me on Pentecost Sunday."

  • Thanks to community activist Phyllis Schoenberger, Mary McLain and the Department of Corrections for arranging for 20 men to come and work at the church last week.  They worked on the grounds, painted the Vicar's office, moved pews from the great hall and polished and fed the paneling in the choir and around the high altar.  We are grateful for this assistance.

  • Thanks to Hawley, Josh and Tina Todd; Mary McLain, Florence Poyer, Molly Russell, Grace Staples, Wanda Miller, Morgan Morgan, and Sheila Jenkins-Morgan for their help with our Vacation Bible School.

  • Thanks to Grace Staples and Wanda Miller for the wonderful reception they prepared for Ms. Flemister, members and friends after church Sunday.

  • From Bob Jones, Sexton:  "To all at Grace Church, thank you for the flowers and for thinking of my father at his time of passing.  I and my family would like to say thanks so much." 

  • Thanks to all who have brought food and supplies for the food pantries at Christ's Community in College Hill and at Churches Active in Northside.  We delivered a large box of items recently and are working on a second.  Please continue share your bounty by bringing non-perishable food items to church each Sunday.  Place your items on the pew against back wall of the nave.

  • And finally, your editor gives hearty thanks to Jim Edgy for providing most of the information that gets shared with a broader audience in eGraceNotes. Without his contributions, this would be a very slim publication.
A reminder:  Since all we have has been given to us by God, it is important to remember not just to give back during our lives, but also in our end-of-life planning.  Please consider remembering Grace Church in your will.
Ruth Koeppe Dies
Long-time Grace Church member Ruth Koeppe died June 29 at the age of 88.  Visitation is Tuesday, July 3, at 9:00 am followed by a memorial service at 10:00 am, all at Hodapp Funeral Home in College Hill.
Sunday Evenings:  Questions on the Porch

It's Summertime and the livin' is easy--a perfect time to reflect with others on some of those pesky religious questions you and others may have. 

Lyon's PorchQuestions like, Who is Jesus, really?  What is Judgment?   How do I know which parts of the Bible are true?  What is Atonement?

You are invited to join Ken and Carol Lyon Sunday evenings on our porch at 1414 Hillcrest, one block east of Grace, July 8 through August 12, from 7:00 pm to 8:30 pm to ask questions and share your own experiences. 
Coffee HourCoffee Hour Host/Hostess Openings

We have openings for coffee hour hosts & hostesses.  Responsibilities include making coffee, arranging for some things to eat and beverages for non-coffee drinkers, welcoming people at the coffee hour and clean up following.  There is a sign up sheet on the piano near the upper Belmont Door.

  • July  1: Grace Staples and Wanda Miller
  • July  15: Needed
  • August 5: Needed
  • August 19: Needed
Flower Offerings

Altar FlowersFlowers not only add to the beauty of our worship, but they also are a way to celebrate people who have been meaningful in our lives. 

If you wish to dedicate flowers on any Sunday, sign up on the sheet on the piano near the upper Belmont door or call the office at 513-541-2415 or email
  • July 8: Phillis Dietz in celebration of the 2nd birthday of Granddaughter, Nina Hubrich
  • July 15: Jay and Mary Weiss
  • July 22: Open
  • July 29: Open
  • August 5: Open
  • August 12: Open
  • August 19: Open
  • August 26: Ken and Carol Lyon in thanksgiving for family and friends.
  • September 2: Ken and Carol Lyon in thanksgiving for family and friends. 

Late this afternoon (Monday), we got a call telling us that something interesting was happening to the front of Grace Church.  Here's what it looked like at about 5:30 pm.

This looks to be a great enhancement to our face to the world as it comes up Hamilton Avenue.

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