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July 18, 2007
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Help Our Vicar Move
Vicar's Office Schedule
Grounds Work Day is set for Thursday, July 26
Volunteer Schedule
Education for Ministry Informational Meetings Coming Soon
Grace Plans Major Renovation
Vacation Bible School Pictures
Thanks To
Praise & Prayer March in College Hill
Got Questions?
ERH Parish Health Ministry presents Our Journey of Hope
A Few Thoughts About Moses
Our Values
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Help Our Vicar Move

Ernestein will be moving into her new home on Friday, July 20.


If there are any able bodied people who can help unload the truck that afternoon, probably about 4:00 or 4:30 pm, call the office at 541-2415. 


If there are any people who would like to help her unpack, wash dishes, and do all the other things necessary in getting a house to rights on Sunday afternoon, July 22, please call the office.

Vicar's Office Schedule

Normal office hours for the Vicar are:


  • Monday: 9:00 am to 4:00 pm.
  • Tuesday: 1:00 pm to 4:00 pm
  • Wednesday: Visitations between 10:00 am and noon and 2:00 pm and 4:00 pm.
  • Thursday: 9:00 am to 4:00 pm.
  • Friday - Day off.


Please let the office know if you wish a visit or know someone who does.


Appointments may be scheduled at other times if needed.

Grounds Work Day is set for Thursday, July 26

On Thursday, July 26, from 9 am to noon, we will again have approximately 20 men who are doing community service work at Grace.  They can be a great deal of help if supervised.  All we need is four more people to supervise them.   Contact Jim Edgy (513-541-2415, if you can help. 


We also need volunteers to assist with providing lunch.  Last time, the guys said it was the best lunch they had had in a long time.  Looks like providing a good lunch  makes them want to return.

Volunteer Schedule
The Sunday volunteer schedule through the end of August is now on line, posted here.
Education for Ministry Informational Meetings Coming Soon

EFM LogoGrace Church's two Education for Ministry groups will start up again in September. This year, they will meet meet at the church on Monday evenings and Friday mornings under the leadership of mentor Hawley Todd.


Education for Ministry (EfM) provides a safe place for lay people to refine their faith, articulate their faith and live their faith through a structured group learning experience. EfM is an extension course from the School of Theology of the University of the South at Sewanee and is sponsored by the Diocese of Southern Ohio.


You're invited to learn more about the Education for Ministry (EfM) program by attending one of two introductory meetings.  Join Hawley and some current & former EfMers in one of two information meetings at Grace Church on Sunday July 29 or Sunday August 5 from 2:00 pm to 4:00 pm. (If you plan to come to one of the meetings, do let Hawley know.)


To find out more about EfM, talk to EfM students Mary McLain, Grace Staples, Jim Edgy, Carol Lyon or former mentor Ken Lyon, or pick up a brochure from the table in the rear of the church, or click here or call mentor Hawley Todd at (513) 831-4365.


What EfM does better than any other theological education program is to equip people to integrate their faith with their real life experiences in ways that make sense and bring meaning to their lives. EfM graduates attest to being able to live more full and abundant lives. Many discover (or rediscover) their ministries in their daily life and work. Some find themselves called to use their talents in new ways. In all cases, those who complete the program have new confidence in their ability to live their lives as theologically articulate Christians.

Grace Plans Major Renovation

Grace Church has applied to the Diocese for a loan to do some major renovations.  We should hear one way or the other about the application by the end of August.  If approved, here is a summary of what is planned.


1.       We will turn the 1957 wing into a commercial building, renting the 1st floor as offices and operating a Conference/Banquet Center on the 2nd floor, utilizing the Great Hall.  In order to do that, the following must be done:


A.       Replace the current boiler with efficient heating and add air conditioning to both the 1st and 2nd floors.

B.       Replace all windows with energy efficient windows.

C.       Remodel the rest rooms; repair and update all plumbing.

D.       Update all electrical services.

E.       Paint and redecorate as appropriate for the tenant.


2.       Restore the original Grace Church building for the church's use.  To do this, the following improvements are planned.


A.       In the Sanctuary

i.        Repair all leaks in roof.

ii.       Repair and paint all walls.

iii.       Add additional lighting.

B.       To the Parish Building


i.        Complete room under choir room as Parish Hall.

ii.       Add small kitchen to Parish Hall.

iii.       Add Handicapped assessable rest room.

iv.      Repaint and redecorate other spaces.


3.       To the Exterior of the building.


A.       Repaint all trim

B.       Continue with landscaping project.

C.       Add exterior lighting for both decorative and security purposes.

D.       Add handicapped ramps to both the Sanctuary and the lower level. 

E.       Create a Memorial Garden for those who would like to have their ashes spread at Grace Church.


If the loan is approved, the work is expected to begin in September and be completed by the end of the year.  Please keep this project that is so important to the revitalization of Grace Church in your prayers.


If you have questions, ask any Mission Council member (see here for a list). 

Vacation Bible School 2007Vacation Bible School Pictures
Wanda Miller sent us some nice pictures of this year's Vacation Bible School. 
You can see them here
Thanks To:  
David Mukasa for spending two days at the church supervising the hanging of the banners and the repair of the roof.  We still have more roof work to do but hope that this will solve our leaking problem.  If you didn't notice the banners on the front of the church, go take a look.
  • Ken Lyon for the continued excellent work he does in producing eGraceNotes.  Ken also keep the computers in working order as well as a myriad of others tasks around the church, saving us much money. 
  • Susan Dewbrey for assistance in the office each week in folding and stapling the bulletins.
  • Grace Staples, Wanda Miller, Mary McLain, Molly Russell, Phillis Dietz and Jackie Lewis, for the reception to welcome Ernestein.
  • Bob and Florence Poyer and Jim and Bruce Beisnerfor the reception saying thank you to Fr. John.
Praise & Prayer March in College Hill
Prayer & Praise March
A Praise and Prayer March for the well being of College Hill is being held each Monday night, beginning at 6:00 pm.  The march is led by the Rev. Todd O'Neal, pastor of the House of Joy.  Participants walk up and down Hamilton Avenue. If you wish to participate, please meet in front of the House of Joy at 6:00 pm.
Got Questions? 
Lyon's Porch"Questions on the Porch" continues on Sunday nights from 7:00 pm to 8:30 pm through August 12. Join Ken and Carol Lyon and other Grace members and friends on Sunday evenings on their porch (or inside in the air conditioning if it is too hot).  They are one block east of Grace at 1414 Hillcrest. This is a chance to ask questions and share your experiences.  
Sheila Jenkins-Morgan, coordinator for Christian Formation (Education), has resigned.
ERH Parish Health Ministry presents Our Journey of Hope

Episcopal Retirement Homes


This August, Episcopal Retirement Homes' Parish Health Ministry will be sponsoring Our Journey of Hope, a program designed to help parishioners learn how to minister to cancer patients and their families.


Our Journey of Hope's lay ministry training program is designed with the help of patients, leading cancer experts and spiritual advisors. The training is for anyone who wants to reach out to cancer patients and their families.


In Cincinnati, training will be from 9 a. to 5 pm Saturday, Aug. 25 at the Episcopal Church of the Redeemer, Hyde Park.


The training covers the following topics:

  • Our Journey of Hope mission and vision
  • Scientific research showing the impact of spirituality on health
  • The faith factor
  • Cancer - what it is and isn't
  • Cancer Treatment Centers of America's whole-person philosophy of care
  • Special needs of cancer patients
  • What to say, what not to say
  • Prayer and the cancer patient
  • Fear, anger and control issues
  • Testimony of cancer survivor
  • Dos and don'ts of hospital visitation
  • Creative care tips - meals, housecleaning, cards, hats, helping with children, gifts of recreation or time away, fundraising, etc.
  • Prevention ideas
  • Helpful scriptures
  • Resource readings
  • Cancer fighting recipes
Reserve your seat at the training for just $20 per person. For more information or to register, call 800-835-5768, ext. 4218.
A Few Thoughts About Moses

From Florence Poyer in behalf of the Health & Wellness Ministry:


Moses and the people were in the desert, but what was he going to do with them?


Exodus Route


They had to be fed, and feeding two or three million people requires a lot of food. According to the Quartermaster General in the Army, Moses would have to have had 1500 tons of food each day. Do you know that to bring that much food each day, two mile-long freight trains would be required! Besides you must remember, they were out in the desert, so they would have to have firewood to use in cooking the food. This would take 4000 tons of wood and a few more freight trains, just for one day. And just think, they were forty years in transit.


And Oh yes! They would have to have water. If they only had enough to drink and wash a few dishes, it would take 11,000,000 gallons each day and a freight train with tank cars, 1800 miles long, just to bring water!


And then another thing! They had to get across the Red Sea at night. Now, if they went on a narrow path, double file, the line would be 800 miles long and would require 35 days and nights to get through. So there had to be a space in the Red Sea 3 miles wide so that they could walk 5000 abreast to get over in one night.


But then, there is another problem: each time they camped at the end of the day, a campground two-thirds the size of the state of Rhode Island was required, or a total of 750 square miles long. Think of it! This much space for camping.


Do you think Moses figured all this out before he left Egypt? I think not!

You see, Moses believed in God. God took care of these things for him.


Now do you think God has any problem taking care of all your needs? I asked the Lord to bless you As I prayed for you today. To guide you and protect you as you go along your way. His love is always with you, His promises are true, And when we give Him all our cares, You know He will see us through. Our God is an Awesome God!!


So when the road you're traveling on seems difficult at best, just remember I'm praying and God will do the rest.

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