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News for and about Grace Episcopal Church November 15, 2007

Dear Friend,
In light of the fact that Thanksgiving is just around the corner, I thought the following Stewardship Quote quite appropriate..."We make a living by what we get.  We make a life by what we give." - Winston Churchill
Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!!!

Anita Triggs, editor
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Hip Hop Mass
133rd Convention of the Southern Ohio Diocese
Food Distribution for Christ Community
Christmas Party at Grace
Integrity Event
Ariel Miller visits Grace
Christmas Shopping at Northgate Mall
Sharing Sunday
Christmas Flowers
Body Recall and Yoga
Hip Hop MassHip Hop Mass This Saturday! 
Grace Church will host its first Hip Hop Mass on Saturday, November 17th at 5:00 pm.  The Hip Hop Mass is the marraige of Hip Hop Music and worship.  The service will feature students from Aiken High School as well as performing groups from other local churches.  The combination of music, poetry, and dance is guaranteed to awaken the soul!
For more information, contact Anita Triggs at
133rd Convention of the Southern Ohio Diocese On November 9-10, 2007, the Diocese of Southern Ohio began its 133rd Convention in Dayton, Ohio.  This was the first convention of our new bishop, The Rt. Rev. Thomas E. Breidenthal.  The theme of the convention was "Listen to what the Spirit is saying to the churches."  It called on us to actively listen to God and to each other.  Bishop Breidenthal in his address focused on issues of formation, mission, evangelism, interfaith-relationships, and transparency and how they inform our actions as Christians. 
I particularly enjoyed the bible study and break out groups.  The bible study was conducted at each table and had eight participants.  The breakout or "small" group consisted of approximately fifty members.  We were given four questions to discuss which centered on issues of formation, communication, leadership and connectedness within and between congregations in the diocese.  These new activities helped me to get acquainted with members of the diocese in a way that has not happened before.  Sharing and exchanging ideas allowed us to listen, be open and vulnerable to each other. 
During the business session, six resolutions were passed, R07-1-R07-6.  (Full text of resolutions can se read on the website) Key resolutions were R07-4 which endorsed the formation of the Ohio Interfaith Power and Light, to educate, encourage parishioners to respond in faith-based ways to climate change and its consequences.  R07-5 which passed by a very narrow margin of one vote encourages congregations to outreach programs to help and assist pregnant women.  R07-6 calls on the Bishop to establish an ad hoc committee to conduct a serious study of just, reasonable and environmentally sustainably economic development throughout the diocese, with special attention to communities of color, Appalachia, and other vulnerable communities which bear the brunt of our abuse of God's good earth.  The resolution on immigration failed.  Due to a procedural loophole, the convention voted not to consider the resolution calling on the Episcopal Church to withdraw from property lawsuits. 
I thought the convention was on point and very relevant for the DSO and the wider church.  I hope that we will make a commitment individually and collectively to follow-up on our formation and connectedness.
Submitted by: Vicar Ernestein Flemister
Food Distribution for Christ Community
This week, Grace Church is the host church for the distribution of food for Christ Community in College Hill.  There will be a worship service on Tuesday, followed by the distribution of food.
Christmas Party at Grace - Save the Date!
Grace Church's Christmas party for the parish will be held on Saturday, Dec 22.  This will include a concert by the Rainbow Band beginning at 7 pm, followed by a four course candle lit dinner at 8:15, and dancing.  There will be a small charge for the dinner and you can bring your own wine if you care to.  Put this down on your calendar and plan to join us.  If you wish to help with the planning, see Belinda or Roger Perna or Jim Edgy.  
Integrity Event
Integrity, the Episcopal organization for gay and lesbians, will sponsor a talk, Monday, November 19th, at the Church of the Redeemer in Hyde Park.  The Rev. Paula M. Jackson, Rector, Church of our Savior in Mt. Auburn, will discuss more of the 'proof texts' from the Bible. This will be a potluck dinner in the Great Hall starting at 6:30pm with Paula speaking 7-9pm.  Anyone interested in attending see Jim Beisner or Jim Edgy.  
Ariel MillerAriel Miller visits Grace
Ariel Miller, Executive Director of the Episcopal Community Services Foundation (ECSF) delivered a sermon this past Sunday communicating the power of giving and the impact that ECSF grants have on churches in need.  In a recent email, Ariel shared the following story about an ECSF grant recipient.
"A mother and young child came to St. Paul's Church of Chillicothe looking for help to pay for fuel oil and a deposit to get electricity for their new home. The family had recently moved to the area, the father was beginning a new job, and the mother had sustained a fairly serious injury. With two children, the family was approaching a cold winter with no heat or electricity. They were turned away by other local outreach ministries which had run out of funds. With one contribution from the ECSF-aided Good Faith Fund the family was able to pay the deposit and avoid the consequences of a winter without heat or electricity."
Additionally, Ariel announced that Clergy joyfully challenge laypeople! A group of 33 priests and deacons have joined the Bishops in a collective pledge to match up to $20,000 of donations to ECSF made by laypeople between now and Dec. 31. All the proceeds will go into grants requested by local Episcopal churches for community ministry in Southern Ohio in 2008. Laypeople, give early to double the good done by your donation! Checks can be sent to ECSF at 412 Sycamore, or you can contribute online at
Christmas PresentsA Real Deal!
Do your Christmas Shopping Sunday night at Northgate Mall by buying a $5 wristband at Grace Church.  The wristlet entitles you to shop from 6 - 9 PM Sunday.  Many special offers will be available.  Grace Church gets to keep the entire $5 and will apply it this year to its donation to the Episcopal Community Services Foundation.  Wristlets will be available this Sunday morning on the piano.  Place your cash or check to Grace Episcopal Church in the basket and take your purchased wristlet(s).  Brochures about the ECSF projects that will benefit will be available.

If you are planning to shop for our "Giving Tree Children", the tree tags are available on Sunday so pick your child after the service and you can shop for the gifts Sunday night with no crowds!!  
Remember Sharing Sunday
Sharing Sunday 1st Sunday of Each Month.  Please bring items for the food pantry each month and help those in need.
Christmas Flowers
The flower guild want to make the church just as beautiful this Christmas as it was last year.  There are opportunities to provide flowers for various locations in the church and the donation for each is different.  If you wish to help provide flowers for Christmas, please see the sign up sheet on the piano during Sunday's Service.
Body Recall LogoBody Recall and Yoga Time Change
Body Recall, Tuesday - 10:00 a.m.
Yoga, Tuesday - 6:00 p.m.
"Only $8.00 per session." See Laura Hall