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Dear Friend,
Sorry for the delay folks!  It's been a hectic week filled with many meetings that have taken away from my time to work on the newsletter...such is life, right?
Anyway, have a great weekend and I'll see you all at the Hip Hop Service and Annual Meeting!
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Anita Triggs, editor

In This Issue ...
Annual Parish Meeting
Hip Hop Service
Mission Council Spotlight
It's Time to Drum Up Some Healing!
Book of Common Prayer
Interfaith Discussion Group
Great Volunteers at Grace
Body Recall & Yoga
Annual Parish Meeting This Sunday!
The annual meeting for the Parish will be held this Sunday - February 3, immediately following the service.  An alternate date for bad weather of February 10. 
In Preparation for the Annual Meeting, we are going to discuss several things to assist in reviewing the past year.   Last spring, when Fr. John was here, a number of discussions took place about the future direction of our Parish.  Many ideas were broached, but the dominate idea that developed was Grace Church as a laboratory for developing different ways that people can form their relationship with God.  As a result of this, we have developed our Hip Hop Mass (which now attracts more people than our 10:00 a.m. service), our African Drumming, Reiki, Traditional Healing Service (which draws as many people as our 10:00 a.m. service), and other plans that are being discussed or organized.  These services give us an exciting opportunity to attract new people to Grace Church.  Please keep these, and the plans yet to be materialized in your prayers.
Thanks to those who have agreed to share a dish for the Annual Meeting lunch.
  • Mary McLain - Main Dish
  • Ruth Bertram - Vegetable
  • Madeena Nolan - Main Dish
  • Belinda & Roger Perna - Main Dish
  • Phillis Deitz - Salad
  • Susan Givler - Dessert
  • Greta Kappas - Dessert
  • Judy Handy - Beverages
  • Wanda Miller - Salad
  • Florence Poyer - Main Dish
Hip Hop MassHip Hop Service Saturday February 2 - 5:00 p.m.

Grace welcomes the community to join us for another installment of our highly popular Hip Hop Service.  The Hip Hop Service is a new initiative aimed at creating a worship service that will present the Gospel in a way that transcends age, gender, race, religious affiliation, & socio-economic status. The service will follow a traditional worship order, but incorporate hip hop to reach individuals who may otherwise not receive the God's message. The goal is to reach out to young people & others using their language & highlight their culture & sensibilities to communicate the word of God.  The Hip Hop Mass takes place the 1st Saturday of every month. 
Immediately following this Saturday's service Grace will host a reception that will allow all attendees an opportunity to fellowship.
Mission Council Spotlight - David Mukasa 

David was born in Mukono, Uganda to Mr. John Kakande Mukasa and the late Mrs. Ruth Namutumi  Kakande Mukasa. He was raised in the Anglican Church as a Protestant in a family of eleven children, five girls and six boys. He attended primary and secondary schools in Uganda plus two years of higher education and migrated to the U.S.A in 1981 during the darkest years of his beloved native country, Uganda.  David went to school at what is now Cincinnati State University for a two year course in Construction Engineering.  David was employed by different organizations until 1996 when he started his own Construction business, K M Network Construction, Inc.  In 2000, he married his beloved wife Maria; they have four children, David Jr., Dominick, Mathias and precious Mariah.
In future eGracenotes I will spotlight a member of the Mission Council, so enjoy their bios and get to know the leadership of Grace who work very hard to keep the church alive. 

- Anita L. Triggs, Editor

Healing Service2It's Time to Drum Up Some Healing!
Join us Wednesday, February 13 at 6:30 p.m. for our Healing Service using African Drumming and Reiki as well as the traditional laying-on of hands.  The service will feature a short meditation by our own Hawley Todd.  Future Healing Services will be held on the 2nd Wednesday of every month.
Book of Common Prayer
Having the service printed out for us each Sunday makes it easier for all of us to follow the service.  This is especially true of
visitors.  However, it also denies us the joy of handling and learning what is in the Book of Common Prayer.  Therefore, we are
going to add a segment to our service each Sunday where you will be instructed to take the Prayer Book and follow along. 
Hopefully, this will keep you in touch with a wonderful book that has helped to define Episcopalians for generations.
Contributed by Ken Lyon
The Faith ClubInterfaith Discussion Group
Starting Sunday, February 17 at 1:00 p.m., Grace will begin an interfaith discussion group surrounding the book, "The Faith Club".  The Faith Club is a memoir of spiritual reflections in three voices that will make readers feel as if they are eavesdropping on the authors' private conversations, provocative discussions, and often controversial opinions and conclusions. The authors wrestle with the issues of anti-Semitism, prejudice against Muslims, and preconceptions of Christians at a time when fundamentalists dominate the public face of Christianity. They write beautifully and affectingly of their families, their losses and grief, their fears and hopes for themselves and their loved ones. And as the authors reveal their deepest beliefs, readers watch the blossoming of a profound interfaith friendship and the birth of a new way of relating to others.  In a final chapter, they provide detailed advice on how to start a faith club: the questions to ask, the books to read, and most important, the open-minded attitude to maintain in order to come through the experience with an enriched personal faith and understanding of others. 
RSVP's to Mary McLain at are appreciated, but not required - Books available for those in need. Future discussions will take place on February 24 and March 2 at 1:00 p.m. 
Great Volunteers at Grace
Thanks to all the volunteers who make our church services function.  Without your dedicated service, we would not have the smooth flowing and worshipful services that we all enjoy.  Everyone, Please express your appreciation to our Altar and Flower Guilds, Acolytes, Choir, Ushers, Chalice Bearers, Counters, Lectors, and those who pray the Prayers of the People, and those involved in our Healing ministry.  If anyone would like to assist in any of these areas, please let Ernestein or the office know.
Body Recall LogoGrace Church Body Recall & Yoga Classes
Body Recall, Tuesday - 10:00 a.m.
Yoga, Tuesday - 6:00 p.m.
Only $8.00 per session. See Laura
Upcoming Events

Feb 2     Hip Hop Mass 5:00 p.m. 

Feb 3     Annual Parish Meeting (Following Service)

Feb 13   Healing Service 6:30 p.m.

Feb 17   The Faith Club Book Discussion 1:00 p.m.

Feb 20   Mission Council Meeting 6:00 p.m.

Feb 24   The Faith Club Book Discussion 1:00 p.m.

Mar 2     The Faith Club Book Discussion 1:00 p.m.