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May 23, 2008
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Dear Friend,
I had thought that about one eGraceNotes a month would be enough to cover what's happening at Grace.  But I was wrong.  Lately, it's taken about one issue a week to keep up with the news of Grace. 
How nice!
In This Issue ...
The Flags Are Back!
Vicar's Open House This Sunday
"Got Questions" Continues This Sunday
Stewardship Moment:...Time and Talent Survey
More About the Time & Talent Survey
Wonderful Ladies Luncheon Served Last Sunday
Thank the Choir for a Great Season
Grace's Education for Ministry Classes Graduate Three
Parish Cookouts Coming in July & August
Sunday Morning Assignments Now Online
The Flags Are Back! 

Grace Church with Flags & Banners

Don't they look great? 
Open HouseVicar's Open House This Sunday
You are invited to attend an Open House at the Vicar's home on This Sunday May 25, from 1 to 5 pm.  See her address in Sunday's bulletin, or contact the office (513-541-2415,
"Got Questions" Continues This Sunday 
Got Questions?The "Got Questions" group resumes this Sunday in the parlor following the 10 am service. We will be discussing "How does Jesus' death 2000 years ago atone for my sins?"  

Because the Vicar will be serving food at her open house immediately following "Got Questions," we will not be having our usual "Got Questions" brunch.  However, for those whose stomachs need a little something, we will have some snacks to tide you over to lunch.
Join us! 
Stewardship Moment:  Time and Talent Survey
Although the main thrust of the Stewardship Committee at Grace is to help us honor God's goodness to us by managing our monetary resources to keep the Church operating in a self-sufficient manner, it is also important for us to use the time and talents that God has blessed us with to
  1. maintain our own faith and to
  2. contribute to the greater Community where we live. 

God wants us to be like the trustworthy servants in the parable to the talents (Matthew 25;14-30) and invest our talents in a way that will reap a harvest that will further his kingdom.

With that in mind, the Stewardship Committee is developing a Time and Talent Survey/Commitment form which will be distributed to the congregation at or before the June 1 congregational meeting. 
We are calling our concept Worship + 2.  We are asking everyone to
commit to join us in worship as often as they are able, and also to commit to participate in at least two church activities to enhance their faith and to serve the greater community outside of Grace Church.  For examle, a Bible study or discussion group would enhance our own faith and participating in one of our many outreach programs would help you serve the community.  Many activities could accomplish both goals at the same time.  Some examples of this would be assisting in a healing service or taking on our prayer concerns list.  
Please prayerfully consider what God wants you to do with the precious time he has given you and with the many gifts you have received from him. Let us remember that "in Christ, we who are many form one body, . . . we have many gifts, including prophesying, serving, teaching, encouraging, leading, and showing mercy." (Romans 12:5-8)  Let's all use our individual gifts to create a better world and continue to build the body of Christ.
More About the Time & Talent Survey 
Your Stewardship Committee is conducting a Time and Talent Survey as part of our effort entitled Worship + 2.  The survey will be e-mailed to those with computers before the June 1 Congregational Meeting and will be distributed to others at the meeting.   
We ask that each of you complete this survey and seriously consider commiting to three things:
  1. Worship with us on a regular basis. 
  2. Become involved in one volunteer activity that benefits Grace Church. 
  3. Become involved in one volunteer activity that benefits your spiritual, social, mental, physical growth.
Belinda Perna at Ladies LuncheonWonderful Ladies Luncheon Served Last Sunday 
Men served the ladies at the Ladies Luncheon following the 10 am service last Sunday.  You can see some pictures of the event here.
Hearty thanks are due especially to Belinda Perna(pictured) and Roger Perna who co-chaired the event, and also to the many who assisted:
  • Saturday Preparation: Mary McLain, Grace Staples, Judy Handy, Wanda Miller, Susan Givler, Ernestein Flemister, Bob Poyer, Chuck Bowles and especially to Ruth Bertram for doing such an excellent job of cleaning the refrigerator.
  • Food Preperation: Susan Givler, Judy Handy, Ruth Bertram, Wanda Miller, Bob and Florence Poyer,  Belinda and Roger Perna, Mary McLain, Grace Staples, and Charles Bowles.
  • Serving and Cleaning up: Gary and Susan Givler, Chris Neely, Roger Perna, David Mukasa, Bob Poyer, Chuck Bowles, Jim Deitz, Ray Betts, Hawley Todd, Belinda  Perna, Dominick Mukasa and Ken Lyon.
Thank the Choir for a Great Season 
Last Sunday, the Grace Church Choir completed a great season of music.  We appreciate their hard work to enhance our services.  Members of the choir are:
  • Sopranos: Belinda Perna, Molly Russell and Grace Staples.
  • Altos: Judy Handy, Albertha Howard and Medeena Nolan.
  • Tenors: Charles Bowles, Bob Poyer and Barbara Todd.
  • Basses: Gary Givler, Roger Perna and John Thayer.

And, of course, special thanks are due to Organist/Choirmaster Jim Edgy, who ensures that our music all comes together each and every Sunday.

Grace's Education for Ministry Classes Graduate Three
EFM LogoGrace Church congratulates Claire Darley, Stacy Park, and Charleston Wang on completing the four-year EfM (Education for Ministry) curriculum.  This Sunday, Hawley Todd (their Mentor) will present their diplomas at Christ Church Cathedral. Roger Perna is also in this class so he and Belinda will also be at the Cathedral.  They all will be back with us next week.
Grace Church hosts two Education for Ministry classes. Education for Ministry (EfM) is for anyone who is looking for a a safe place to explore and refine their faith. In this group learning experience, participants learn to better articulate their faith and to see new ways to live their faith. You can read more about EfM here.
Another Prayer Shawl Blessed Sunday 
Prayer Shawl BlessedAt Sunday's service, Grace Staples presented a Prayer Shawl to be blessed before being given to a person in need of the comfort that the shawl provides.
This shawl is just one of dozens that have been knitted by members and friends of Grace over the past several years.
You can read more about the Prayer Shawl Ministry here. To learn more about this ministry at Grace, see Florence Poyer.
Parish Cookouts Coming in July & August 
The first Sundays of July and August, we will hold a parish cookout in the Garth.  Plan to stay and enjoy a hamburger, hot dog, etc, and have fellowship with your church neighbors.
Sunday Morning Assignments Now Online 
Sunday morning volunteer assignments through June are now on the Grace web site here.
Coming Events 

  • Vicar's Open House: Sunday, May 25, 1 to 5pm.
  • "Got Questions" Discussion: May 25 following the 10:00am service, and every 2nd and 4th Sunday.
  • Congregational Meeting: Sunday, June 1.
  • Outreach Committee: June 4 and every 1st Wednesday at 6:00pm.
  • Hip-Hop Service: June 7 at St. Phillip's, Northside, and every 1st Saturday at 5:00pm.
  • Stewardship Committee: June 18 and every 3rd Wednesday at  10:00am.
  • Mission Council:  June 18 and every 3rd Wednesday at 6:00pm.
  • Evening Prayer & Confession: June 21 and every 3rd Saturday at 5:00pm.
  • Drumming, Rieke and Healing: Begins again in September.
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