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News for and about Grace Episcopal Church October 24, 2008
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Dear Friend,

After a long summer hiatus, the Hip Hop Service  resumes  Saturday, November 1 at 5:00 pm. Come and see young people create a lively worship experience.

Then, in mid-month, our innovative multi-mode Healing Service takes place.  Learn more and see what else is happening at Grace at on the Grace Church Calendar.

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Grace Hosts Film & Discussion Series

The series starts this Sunday at 4:30 pm with a presentation on the timely subject of "Religion and Politics."  Reception to follow.

Film & Discussion Series

How (Some) Others See Us

A couple of weeks ago, we had three visitors from Saint Ursala Academy. This is not unusual--we regularly have visitors from religious schools, sent to learn more about religions other than their own.  What was unusual in this case was that one of these visitors, Laura Kaiser, wrote to the Vicar asking further questions and sharing the following observations:

Thank you so much for allowing us to visit your church a couple of weekends ago. All three of us agreed that it was a really amazing experience. I do not know if it is all Episcopalians or just Grace Church in particular, but from the moment we walked in the door to when we finally left, everyone made us feel extremely welcome. Although we learned a lot about other things, that sense of welcomeness is the lasting impression that we took away from the service.

One of my religion teachers once said that religion could be defined as the way you look at the world. Your congregation's approach towards life, each other, and even strangers is truly unique and beautiful. Thank you for allowing us to experience it.

Please convey our gratitude to your congregation. You have been blessed with a wonderful group of people. I cannot express how happy we all were that we visited Grace Church. The Lord knew what He was doing, even if we do not always. Thank you again.
Construction SignExcuse Our Mess--It'll be Lots Better Soon
We have been given an anonymous gift that will enable us to repair the plaster in the Sanctuary and hallways.  While this is being done, you may encounter scaffolding, tools, and some dust in the building.  We will make every effort to have it clean for services but if we slip up, please be patient with us.

Additionally, we have begun work on painting the rest rooms but you will have no trouble as all of the paint will be dry on Sundays. 
Help the Kids Have a Safe Halloween

Life Renewal Discipleship Church, the group that worships here on Sunday afternoons, has invited Grace Church to join with them in providing a safe Halloween for the children of the neighborhood.  On Thursday, Oct 30, between 6 and 8 pm we will provide treats for the children, movies, games and play.  We will also have a pot luck supper for all of us. 

This will be a fun way for our two churches to get to know each other and to help the neighborhood at the same time.  We hope many of you will come and join in this fellowship.  And if you can help by providing candy, fruit, or other appropriate items for the kids, and bring a dish to share, we will appreciate it.
Attention All Readers of Lessons and/or Prayers

There will be a meeting on Sunday, Nov 2 of all lay readers who read the Lessons or Prayers of the People immediately following the service in the Vicar's Office.  If you are a reader or if you would like to become one, please make every effort to attend this meeting.
Thanks to all who helped with the pot luck last Sunday, especially to Belinda and Roger Perna, Grace Staples, Susan Givler,  Lisa Perry and Tammy Robertson for their work before, during and after the lunch.
Give Blood, Promote Grace Vicar's Standing Amongst Peers

The clergy of College Hill Churches (via their organization, the Ministerium) have arranged for a bloodmobile to come to St. Claire Church on Monday, November 3, from 11 am to 8 pm.  If you can donate blood, please call 513-681-6071 to make an appointment. 

There's a rumor that the clergy may have a little friendly competition going amongst themselves as to whose church will contribute the most, so be sure to sign up--and when you do, be sure to tell them you're from Grace.
Mission Trip to New Orleans

There will a mission trip to New Orleans to help rebuild homes.  We will be leaving after service on Sunday, December 14, Return Friday, December 19.    Let Ernestein know if interested.
A Reliable Source of Facts About the Election

Annenberg Face CheckConfused about political rumors, claims, etc, about the Presidential race? 

The Annenberg Foundation has a non-partisan site that researches and clarifies claims. 

Click here to sort out the truth from the fiction.
Coming Events at Grace

Here's a snapshot of what's coming up at Grace in the next couple of weeks. For a complete and uptodate list, go to the Grace Church Calendar.

Calendar as of 10/24

You can help us keep this calendar complete by letting the Vicar know of any missing events. Email her at
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