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June 27, 2009
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Vicar Ernestein's Tenure Extended

Mission Council is very happy to announce that Vicar Ernestein's stay with us as Vicar has been extended for one month through the end of July.
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In This Issue ...
Vicar Ernestein's Tenure Extended
Keep in Your Prayers
Notes on Tomorrow's Reading
Last Week's Blessed Grille a Blessed Event!
Fr. John Bower Returns to Grace
Thanks to ...
Coming Events
Grace Investigates Common Ministry
Bishop Breidenthal Calls Common Ministry Meeting September 19
They Come with Bells On
Sunday Service Volunteer Schedule
Belmont Entrance Made More Welcoming.
Church Inventory to be Taken
Eucharistic Visitors, Worship Leaders, Preachers Needed
Offertory Soloist Bennyce Hamilton
Lay Preacher Training Available
The Natural Mandala Comes to First UCC in College Hill
Keep in Your Prayers ... 

Prayer Requests Anna Hamilton, Ed Frye, Jo Carroll, Karen Van Wagenen, Grace Staples, Elaine Hughes, Maureen Back, Eloise Pinto, Ruth Bertram, Robert Flemister, Mrs. Matthews, Judy Handy, Shelly Martin, Barbara Todd; Kim Martin, Robb Martin, Florence and Bob Poyer, Dean Bryeans, Mary Hall, Chris, Irene Bryeans, Joshua, Caleb, Anne and Darryl Handy, Marcus Flemister, Kim Herrmann, Al Berghausen, Teri, Mary Lou Bellows, Jackie Lewis.

Please let us know if you need pastoral care or know of someone who does. This includes information about illness, hospital stays, requests for visits, communion, and prayers for special concerns. Please help us to serve you.
 Notes on Tomorrow's Readings

You can see the readings for Sunday here.  We will be hearing four readings, from Wisdom, Lamentations, The Letter to the Corinthians and the Gospel of Mark.

Tomorrow's liturgy directs our attention to God's care for the poor and less fortunate. In the Gospel reading we hear the account of Jesus' raising the young daughter of the Jewish official, Jairus. Mark inserts within this story the healing of a woman who had suffered hemorrhages for twelve years. The girl and the woman, by the custom of their times, were both regarded as of little value. But Jesus' compassion extends to them as it does to all people.

In the second reading, from Lamentations, we are assured that whatever ill befalls us, God's love for we will never fails. God, we are told, does not willingly afflict or grieve anyone.

In the Wisdom of Solomon we learn that death has no part in God, nor does it belong in this world. We are in God's image and intended for a righteous and eternal existence.
Paul calls on the Corinthians to emulate the generosity of other churches in giving to a collection to aid less fortunate Christians. Jesus, Paul reminds us, became poor for us so that we might become rich; that is, he became human so that our humanity might be raised into the life of God. Thus, for the sake of others, we follow Jesus' example and share our own material goods.

We gather in Eucharist as the People of God, called to be the means by which God makes known the divine compassion for all people. It is the poor and neglected in society for whom God is especially concerned as Jesus demonstrated in healing the sick. We are called and given to the world to minister in God's name.
Last Week's Blessed Grille a Blessed Event!

Blessed Grille 2009It was standing room only at last week's Blessed Grille following Sunday's service.

Adults & kids enjoyed grilled metts, hamburgers and hot dogs, accompanied by side dishes brought by members of the congregation. 

Blessed Grille 2009


While the adults ate and conversed on the Garth, the young people got into swim suits and had a great time on a water slide. 

See more pictures.

Fr. John Bower Returns to Grace

We are happy to report that Fr. John Bower has agreed to be with us at least two Sundays of the month for the near future.  The tentative schedule of worship leaders for August is:

  • Aug 2         Fr. John Bower
  • Aug 9         Deacon Gary Givler
  • Aug 16       Fr. John Bower
  • Aug 23       Fr. Ray Betts
  • Aug 30       Grace's Lay Liturgists, leading Morning Prayer
 Thanks to ...

Thank You Very Much... to Belinda and Roger Perna, and to all those who worked to make our Grill last Sunday such a success.

... to Godfrey Mukasa (no relation to David) and his crew for doing an excellent job in completing the rework of our heating system in the 1957 wing.  Not only did they do an excellent job, but they were courteous, always cleaned up at the end of the day and they saved Grace Church a considerable amount of money.  If anyone in the parish needs a heating person, please consider using Godfrey and thus say thank you for their assistance.

... to sexton Bob Jones and the parolees who worked so diligently, removing all the pews, stripping the floor under them, and waxing to begin the improvement of our sanctuary floors.  The aisles and other areas will be done soon and the pews will then be rebolted to the floor.  In the mean time, please have patience with us.

... to Roger and Belinda Perna for their help in supervising the guys on Thursday and to Belinda, Roger, and Mary McLain for the great lunch they prepared.

... to Ken Lyon and Roger Perna who removed and are repairing the doors near the Garth on the Hamilton side of the church.

... to Belinda and Roger Perna, David Mukasa, Phillis Dietz and others who have given financial and other assistance to make possible the painting of our sanctuary.  And especially to Belinda who spent most of one week on the ladder painting the Peace Chapel.  Thanks to them and to all others who have helped to so greatly improve the appearance of our Sanctuary.

... the choir from Jim Edgy, who thanks them for their dedication and hard work in striving to enrich our worship service.  Most church choirs represent 7 to 10% of the average congregational attendance at the Sunday service.  Our choir generally represents approximately 25%.  We are truly blessed to have so many people who are willing to use their time and talents on our behalf.  And I want to personally say how much I appreciate them.  Thanks also to John Thayer and Lisa Perry for their contributions on the bells.  To this mix, now that we have enough people in our Sunday School to form a children's choir, next year will see the children singing for us on a regular basis.  So please extend your personal thanks to our choir today and encourage our youth for tomorrow.  

... to Belinda and Roger Perna and Wanda Miller for painting and redecorating the lower Belmont Entrance.

... to Belinda and Roger for new chairs in the parlor.

... to Carol Lyon, Wanda Miller, and Belinda Perna for inviting former members of Grace and hosting the reception for them on Pentecost Sunday.

... and to all our volunteers who do so much to keep Grace Church lively, clean, and active.
Coming Events

Grace Church Calendar

The Hip-Hop Service and the Community Healing Servce with drumming and Rieke will restart in the fall.

See the Grace Calendar Page for the most up-to-date listing of events at Grace and of possible interest to Grace people.  Let us know at if we've missed anything.
Grace Investigates Common Ministry

In the spring, Mission Council grappled with the looming budget deficit, and after much agonizing, voted a budget that meant we would no longer have a full time priest. Several ideas surfaced to deal with this situation, one of which was to move to a way of operating called Common Ministry.

In Common Ministry churches, congregation members perform all ministries of the local church, including roles traditionally assigned to priests called from outside the congregation. A

A committee was formed to learn more about Common Ministry and to help the congregation decide if it wants Common Ministry at Grace. Members of the committee are: Carol Lyon, Wanda Miller, Justine Matouv and Ken Lyon.

You will be hearing much more about this in the coming weeks.
Bishop Breidenthal Calls Common Ministry Meeting September 19

In a recent letter to interested parties, Bishop Breidenthal says "...our diocese is embarked on an exploration of what Common Ministry means and might mean for Southern Ohio....The first and most pressing phase of this exploration has to do with congregational life: how should clergy be trained and deployed? What role might lay leadership teams play in pastoral care and oversight of local congregations ..."

He continues "These are long term questions, but they are also present and urgent challenges. I have some concrete answers to these questions that I would like to share but I also want to hear from clergy and lay people in key leadership positions who have wisdom to offer, unique perspectives to share and an immediate stake in how we answer these questions."

The meeting will be held on Saturday, September 19 at Procter Conference Center from 10 am to 3 pm. The more people from Grace who can attend, the better prepared we will be to make a decision about Common Ministry for Grace.

Mark your calendars now and let one of the members of the Common Ministry team (Carol Lyon, Ken Lyon, Justine Matovu, Wanda Miller) know your interest and we will register you. There is no cost to attend.
Grace Church Bell ChoirThey Come with Bells On

Some of the musical variety in our services is provided by this duo, the Grace Church Bell Choir, consisting of Lisa Perry and John Thayer.

Sunday Service Volunteer Schedule

The schedule for Sunday Service Volunteers has been posted here. Let Jim know if you cannot serve at your scheduled time.
Belmont EntranceBelmont Entrance Made More Welcoming

Have you seen our new look at the Belmont entrance? When a few of our members realized that this is the first and perhaps only view that hundreds of Grace visitors have every week, they decided to make it a lot more welcoming. 

Take a look next time you're at Grace!

Belmont Entrance

Church Inventory to be Taken

We have been asked by our insurance company to prepare a complete inventory of all things in the church, including furnishing, vestments and altar supplies, kitchen equipment, etc.  Obviously, this is a big job.  We will ask the various committees to complete the inventory for their area, i.e. altar guild, Sunday, school, etc., but we will need even more help.  If you can assist with this, we will be appreciative.
Eucharistic Visitor Training Scheduled

If you would like to assist in visiting the sick and shut-in and in taking them Communion please plan to get Eucharistic Visitor Training. 

Training for those wishing to become Eucharistic Ministers and/or Visitors will be held July 28, from 10 am to 1 pm. Let Vicar Ernestein or Jim Edgy know if you are interested. 
Bennyce Hamilton, SoloistOffertory Soloist Bennyce Hamilton

Last Sunday's congregation was again blessed with an offertory solo by Bennyce Hamilton.  
Lay Preacher Training Available

The Diocese of Southern Ohio through the School for Ministry will continue to offer training for lay persons to be licensed to preach.  The training program is a three-year program that meets monthly at the Procter Camp & Conference Center for three hours on Saturdays 10 times per year. The program includes worship, Bible study, theological reflection and the practice of writing, delivering and evaluating sermons.

Click here for more information.
The Natural Mandala Comes to First UCC in College Hill

The Natural MandalaFor the rest of the summer, The Natural Mandala will be in the sanctuary of the First United Church of Christ.  The mandala is an ancient visual prayer/meditative art form that crosses religious and spiritual boundaries. 

Pastor Dan Weyand-Geise says, "The Natural Mandala's presence at First UCC provides a unique opportunity for the people of College Hill to use the mandala for personal meditation and prayer."

Read more about it in an article in this week's College Hill eNewsletter.
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