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October 31, 2009
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Sunday Service Volunteers Schedule ...

... for November is posted here.
"Fall Back" Time

Have you turned your clocks back an hour yet?  It'll help you a lot to be on time for things....
Dear Friend,

Looking for a place where your contribution will be welcomed and valued?  Look no further than Grace Church. We have opportunities we haven't even had time to think about yet. If you'd like to be a part of helping Grace Church realize its potential, give us a call at 513-542-2941 or email us at

Don't forget to think about others who might be interested learning more about Grace. Click here to send them a copy of this eGraceNotes.

As always, help keep the over 100 recipients of eGraceNotes informed by sending your interesting tidbits along to the editor.

In This Issue ...
Sunday Service Volunteers Schedule
Christian One-Liners
Keep in Your Prayers
Healing Service "Blessed by the Lord"
Staffing for the Future of Grace Church
Lay Eucharistic Visitors to Take Communion to Home- or Hospital-Bound
Grace Meets Diocesan Commission on Congregational Life
Food List for Thanksgiving Baskets for Christ's Communit
Buildings & Grounds Committee Being Formed
Thanks to ...
Help Grace Church Support Needy Neighbors
An Amazing Rendition of "Amazing Grace"
Coming Events...
Keep in Touch with What's Happening in the Diocese
Christian One-Liners
We're called to be witnesses,
Not lawyers or judges.

Florence Poyer supplied us with several of these. We'll share others in future issues.
Keep in Your Prayers ...

Prayer Requests Jim Edgy, John Thayer, Gigi Woode, Toussaint Thrower and family, Ray Harris; Marilyn White; Trevor Van Wagenen; Anna Hamilton, Ed Frye, Jo Carroll,Karen Van Wagenen,Elaine Hughes,Maureen Back, Eloise Pinto, Ruth Bertram, Robert Flemister; Judy & Walter Handy, Shelly Martin, Barbara Todd; Kim Martin, Robb Martin; Dean Bryeans, Mary Hall, Chris; Irene Bryeans; Joshua, Caleb, Anne, and Darryl Handy; Marcus Flemister; Kim Herrmann, Al Berghausen; Mary Lou Bellows; Jackie Lewis, Mike and family, Chris and family, Doug Matthews and family.
Please let us know if you need pastoral care or know of someone who does. This includes information about illness, hospital stays, requests for visits, communion, and prayers for special concerns. Please help us to serve you.
 Healing Service "Blessed by the Lord"

The Grace Church Healing Service resumed on October 14, and will continue on Wednesday, November 11 at 7 pm, and on the second Sunday of every month thereafter. 

The day after the October service, we received the following from Hawley Todd, who is the liturgist for the service:

 "The healing service last evening was truly blessed by the Lord.  I counted at least 26 folks and there may have been a couple of extra.  The group was fluid with people coming and going throughout the evening."
"At the beginning of my homily, I did an invocation of the Holy Spirit.  I am not sure how good the homily was but the seekers and drummers liked it.  What I do know is that the Holy Spirit did come in an extremely powerful way.  It was amazing."

"Ray Betts, J White, and I prayed with many. It was wonderful to spend more time in prayer with each person than we are able to do on Sunday mornings.  It is a humbling experience to be with others as the Lord ministers to them!"
"Thank you all for helping to make this service available!"

Bob Laake DrummingThe Healing Service with African Drumming and Reiki is a service that employs both traditional and non-traditional healing methods: African Drumming and Reiki, plus the traditional healing prayer and laying on of hands. The service is based on the concept of release of tension through African drumming, restoration of peace through quietness and solitude, and prayer for continued health through the laying on of hands.

Bob Laake leads the drummers for this service. Learn more about the power of healing drumming on Bob Laake's Drum for Healing page.

Staffing for the Future of Grace Church

While the loss of our vicar, deacon, administrator and choir director have been painful, it does open an opportunity for Grace Church to think hard about what we need to have hired and what can we do ourselves, especially if we are leaning toward become a Common Ministry church.  At this point, we are trying to be open to all the possibilities.

Mission Council has formed a committee to develop a staffing proposal. Members are wardens David Mukasa and Carol Lyon, and treasurer Roger Perna.  The three of us met last Wednesday night to brainstorm some ideas of what we might need and whether we could get volunteers or would need to pay someone.
So far, we have more questions than answers:
We want to hear from our members and friends. What do you see as staffing needs for Grace church?  Who do you know that might volunteer in a particular capacity? 

The staffing committee will meet again on November 11 to develop the proposal to present to Mission Council for its consideration. Please let us know what you think before then.  Email or call any member of the committee:
Thanks to Carol Lyon for this article.
 Lay Eucharistic Visitors to Take Communion to Home- or Hospital-Bound
Absalom JonesGrace has a trained corps of Lay Eucharistic visitors who are eager to bring communion to anyone who can't be with us on Sunday.
Florence Poyer has agreed to schedule Lay Eucharist Visitors to take communion to shut-ins and those in the hospital. 

If you or anyone you know would like such a visit please let us know.  Just contact the office (513-541-2415, and we will relay the message to Florence.
Grace Meets Diocesan Commission on Congregational Life

Five members of Grace Church traveled to Procter Conference Center on October 21 to explain our request for a grant of $20,000.  (COCL is charged with encouraging, supporting, evaluating, and seeking opportunities for development and growth of all fellowships, missions, and parishes of the diocese.) The five attending were: Wardens David Mukasa and Carol Lyon, Treasurer Roger Perna, Mission Council Member Hawley Todd and former member of Diocesan Council Mary McLain.
The members of the commission, which included Bishop Price, had already reviewed our written request. This was their opportunity to ask any additional questions or to ask clarifying questions. Questions ranged from "What did you say in the car you were going to tell the COCL?" to "With such a large facility, what have you thought about to ease the financial burden of the building."
All of our answers seemed favorably received. The commission urged us to "think outside the box" in making Grace church a viable congregation.  They seemed especially interested in us developing a closer relationship with St. Philips, Northside. 
The awarding of grants will take place some time after the upcoming diocesan convention.

Thanks to Carol Lyon for this article.
Food List for Thanksgiving Baskets for Christ's Community  
Please help Christ's Community in College Hill feed needy families this Thanksgiving season by purchasing the following food items and bringing them to church by November 15 (This amount represents food for a family of 4 and can be purchased for about $15).
            3 CANS OF SOUP
            1 BOX OF CAKE MIX.

If you prefer, you can donate $15 (cash or check) and we will shop for you. An additional $10 donation will help purchase turkeys for these families. Please make checks payable to Christ's Community in College Hill.
PLEASE BRING FOOD OR MONEY TO CHURCH BY NOVEMBER 15. Call 513-542-8464 if you need us to come to your home to pick up your food or check.
Thank you from the Grace Church Outreach Committee.

Thanks to Roger Perna for this article.
Buildings & Grounds Committee Being Formed

At the request of the Junior Warden, Ken Lyon is forming a Building & Grounds Committee. Roger Perna and J White have volunteered to join the committee; others are being invited to join. The committee will coordinate a range of building- and grounds-related activities:
  • Building & grounds maintenance, to keep our facility attractive ("curb appeal, anyone?), prevent loss and damage and ensure the safety of visitors.
  • Reduce ongoing costs if at all possible.
  • Find new uses for our space, income-producing if possible.
  • Coordinate use of the building.
If you're interested in any of the above, whether or not you want to be on the committee, do let Ken know (513-542-2941,

Thank You Thanks to ...

... The Flag and Drill Team, under the direction of Tony Denbo, who practice here at Grace Church, for graciously and generously sponsoring our coffee hour tomorrow (November 1).

... The Revs Kimberly Knight and John Bower for officiating at recent Sunday services and in November.

... Jonathan Tan and Ken Blue for providing organ music for recent Sunday services.

... Our office volunteers, and especially Grace Staples, who are learning all the in's & out's of daily life at Grace.

If you know of others who deserve our thanks, do let us know at
Help Grace Church Support Needy Neighbors through the Episcopal Community Services Foundation

ESCFThe Episcopal Community Services Foundation was created in 1991 to aid Episcopal congregations in this diocese to tackle local poverty by assessing project requests and raising funds to support these works.  In September, ECSF received grant requests totaling $166,850 from 40 churches in the diocese for 46 ministries--a 15% increase from last year.  Each project, such as food pantries, hot lunch programs, shelters, tutoring school children, life skills for adults, etc., is often leveraged by working with other churches or agencies in the community to gain additional resources and stretch the dollars further.  Last year, ECSF grantees aided almost 60,000 people in need in our community and across Ohio.

Of the 42 churches applying this year, 12 have fewer than 50 worshippers on Sunday and 60% have an average Sunday attendance under 100.  Obviously, they need support from fellow congregations to carry out their mission. 

Grace Church leadership has committed to being a donor for 2010.  Why do this, when we are struggling financially?  Because it is an example of our outreach to those who have even less than we do.  And it will not be from our budget but from individual donors who step up to the need.  If you wish to join in this effort, please make your check to "Grace Episcopal Church" with notation "For ECSF."  Thank you so much.
An Amazing Rendition of "Amazing Grace"

Wanda Miller forwarded us an amazing rendition of "Amazing Grace" sung in the Coliseum in Rome. You can watch and hear it here.

If you'd like more "Amazing Grace," pick up a DVD any Sunday that contains a slide show of life at Grace accompanied by 22 different artist's versions of Amazing Grace. 
Coming Events

Grace Church Calendar

See the Grace Calendar Page for the most up-to-date listing of events at Grace.  Let us know at if we've missed anything.
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