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November 12, 2009
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Dear Friend,

It's Stewardship Campaign time again, and last week, Father Bower reminded us that, unlike the widow in the "widow's mite" story, very very few of us will ever experience giving out of our poverty; virtually all of us give out of our abundance.

It occurred to your editor that, like most of us, Grace Church is rich, too! I thought about all the people who contribute their best efforts to make Grace a living community in a beautiful facility. If you'd like a reminder of who and how many those people are, take a look at the People Page on our website.

One important gift that Grace Church has to offer is a place where one's contribution is welcomed and valued. Grace has opportunities we haven't even had time to think about yet. If you'd like to be a bigger part of helping Grace Church realize its potential, contact someone on the People Page in an area of interest to you, or contact us at 513-542-2941 or


Don't forget to think about others who might be interested learning more about Grace. Click here to send them a copy of this eGraceNotes.


As always, help keep the over 100 recipients of eGraceNotes informed by sending your interesting tidbits along to the editor.

In This Issue ...
Healing Service "Awesome!"
Diocesan Convention Highlights
Bishop Invites Grace to Participate in Common Ministry Development
Keep in Touch with What's Happening in the Diocese
Keep in Your Prayers
Stewardship Campaign Underway
Food List for Thanksgiving Baskets for Christ's Communit
Lay Eucharistic Visitors to Take Communion to Home- or Hospital-Bound
Christian One-Liners
Thanks to ...
Grace Church Appears in an Internet TV Series
Coming Events...
Choir Plans for Christmas
Notes on This Sunday's Readings
Your "View From the Pew" Requested
You're Invited to the Reverend Ernestein Flemister's Installation
Transgender Day of Remembrance Service
"Finding Balance in Life through the Practice of Prayer" Offered
Healing Service "Awesome!"
"This was an AWESOME night the creator has given us. I can't believe the turnout that we had. It would seem there is a shift in going to church. "This ain't your Parent's" spirituality." Bob Laake and I feel very blessed to have been placed in the right place at the right time. It seems to be a  revival of old time religion.

"Please forward this to all who attended and thank them for allowing us to be part of their blessings as we receive much more than we all give!"

--From Reiki Master Kevin Driggers, about last night's service. Kevin coordinates the Reiki at Grace's monthly Celebration of Wholeness and Healing service.

A slightly more subdued Hawley Todd reports:
"The service tonight went very well.  J White and I talked afterwards and estimated we had at least 36 folks there.  It may have been as high as the 40's.  I didn't count until I was done praying, and by then some had left.  Looking out at the congregation we had more than most Sundays.
"There is a very good spirit at this service and I thank you all for inviting me to participate.
"There is some movement to expand the service to twice a month.  I'd be up for it but we need to listen and see where the Spirit is calling."
Bob Laake DrummingThe Celebration of Wholeness and Healing, aka "Healing Service with African Drumming and Reiki" is a service that employs both traditional and non-traditional healing methods: African Drumming and Reiki, plus the traditional healing prayer and laying on of hands. The service is based on the concept of release of tension through African drumming, restoration of peace through quietness and solitude, and prayer for continued health through the laying on of hands.

On the second Wednesday of most months, we make space and time to allow God to move in our midst as we celebrate God's overwhelming love for each one of us.

The service includes a liturgy of healing prayers and African drumming and culminates with opportunities for Reike and the traditional laying-on-of-hands and anointing with holy oil.

The drumming begins at 6:30 pm, the service begins at 7 pm.

Bob Laake (above) leads the drummers for this service. Learn more about the power of healing drumming on Bob Laake's Drum for Healing page.

More Drumming

Bob Laake tells us that there is an "Open Drum for Fun Circle" every Thursday from 7 to 9 pm at the Riverside Coffee Mill, 177 South Riverside Drive, Batavia, Ohio.

Bob says,

"Come on, Fall is here. Dust off the drums and get out for a night of community drumming. No drum? Don't let that stop you from coming, we always bring extras.

"Please remember others in our community in need with a non perishable food item for the food pantry of The Inter Faith Ministries."
Diocesan Convention Highlights Reported

Mary McLain, Ray Betts and Florence Poyer reported Sunday some highlights of last week's Diocesan Convention.

Blessing of Same-Sex Unions OK'd

Mary McLain reported on Bishop Breidenthal's decision to "move deliberately toward the implementation of a policy that will permit and govern the blessings of [same-sex] unions in Southern Ohio," and to " ...[lift] the prohibition on the blessing of same-sex unions in this diocese, effective Easter 2010."

The announcement was contained in the Bishop's Address to convention. Mary read aloud the part of the address that pertains to same-sex unions, to prevent any confusion that might arise from press reports. You can read that text beginning at the bottom of page 8 of the Bishop's Address.

Interestingly, the press didn't take note of the decision until yesterday. Then, the Enquirer reported the decision in a front-page story that did little more than summarize the address.  The little Pomeroy Daily Sentinel did much better, in an article that provided some good background information.

Companion Diocese Relationship With Liberia to be Explored

Ray Betts reported that that Convention voted to "enter into a year of discernment with the Episcopal Church of Liberia to determine the nature of a companion relationship between the two dioceses." Ray pointed out that even though Vicar Ernestein has departed for Florida, we still have relationships with people from Liberia.

No More Bottled Water

Florence Poyer reported that, in light of Convention's vote to restrict the use of commercially bottled water, Grace will begin using reusable cups to make water available.

You can read more about the Convention on the Southern Ohio website.
Bishop Invites Grace to Participate in Common Ministry Development
The first part of a letter from Bishop Breidenthal:
"I would like to invite ... the people of Grace Church, Cincinnati to participate in a program to develop common ministry in your congregation and our diocese.

"We are inviting several congregations from different geographic locations and of varying sizes to participate in a two year pilot program to explore and deepen common ministry. We have chosen your congregation because we believe that you share a commitment to common ministry and are willing to go deeper to develop new practices to support the shared ministry of all.

"We believe that your congregation has particular gifts that you can share with others and also a desire to develop stronger ministries. We would like you to help us establish some best practices and procedures to strengthen and foster common ministry in our diocese."

You can read the full text of this letter and its two attachments in the Common Ministry section of the Grace Church online file cabinet.

The Bishop has asked for a response by Thanksgiving. The next regular Mission Council meeting is November 18 at 6 pm. Council meetings are open to all interested parties.
It's Easy to Keep in Touch with What's Happening in the Diocese

The Diocese has its own eNewsletter called e-Connections that provices regular updates on Diocesan matters.  To subscribe, click here.

You can catch up with what's happening at the Diocesan web site.

Keep in Your Prayers ...

Prayer Requests Jim Edgy, John Thayer, Gigi Woode, Toussaint Thrower and family, Ray Harris; Marilyn White; Trevor Van Wagenen; Anna Hamilton, Ed Frye, Jo Carroll,Karen Van Wagenen,Elaine Hughes,Maureen Back, Eloise Pinto, Ruth Bertram, Robert Flemister; Judy & Walter Handy, Shelly Martin, Barbara Todd; Kim Martin, Robb Martin; Dean Bryeans, Mary Hall, Chris; Irene Bryeans; Joshua, Caleb, Anne, and Darryl Handy; Marcus Flemister; Kim Herrmann, Al Berghausen; Mary Lou Bellows; Jackie Lewis, Mike and family, Chris and family, Doug Matthews and family, Malcolm Daniel, Jean Cavalieri, and Shelby Hager.
Please let us know if you need pastoral care or know of someone who does. This includes information about illness, hospital stays, requests for visits, communion, and prayers for special concerns. Please help us to serve you.
Stewardship Campaign Underway

The Stewardship Campaign for 2010 pledges is underway.  Letters were mailed out the week of November 8 along with the Estimated Giving Forms.  Please prayerfully consider your financial pledge for next year as we march into the future with the resolve to continue to be a church that is welcoming to all people as well as carry on our work in helping those in need in our community.
Even in these uncertain economic times, we, as a congregation, have been able to keep up with our pledged amounts for this year.  This shows us that we are a strong force in our faithfulness to do the Lord's work in College Hill and beyond.  Please return your Estimated Giving Form to church by November 29, either by bringing it to church or by mailing it in to us.  God bless you, and we hope to see you in church very soon.

Thanks to Treasurer Roger Perna for this article.

PS:  If you didn't get your letter, or have lost it, please let us know at 513-541-2415 or, and we'll send one right out!
Food List for Thanksgiving Baskets for Christ's Community  
Please help Christ's Community in College Hill feed needy families this Thanksgiving season by purchasing the following food items and bringing them to church by November 15 (This amount represents food for a family of 4 and can be purchased for about $15).
            3 CANS OF SOUP
            1 BOX OF CAKE MIX.

If you prefer, you can donate $15 (cash or check) and we will shop for you. An additional $10 donation will help purchase turkeys for these families. Please make checks payable to Christ's Community in College Hill.
PLEASE BRING FOOD OR MONEY TO CHURCH BY NOVEMBER 15. Call 513-542-8464 if you need us to come to your home to pick up your food or check.
Thank you from the Grace Church Outreach Committee.

Thanks to Roger Perna for this article.
Lay Eucharistic Visitors to Take Communion to Home- or Hospital-Bound
Absalom JonesGrace has a trained corps of Lay Eucharistic visitors who are eager to bring communion to anyone who can't be with us on Sunday.
Florence Poyer has agreed to schedule Lay Eucharist Visitors to take communion to shut-ins and those in the hospital. 

If you or anyone you know would like such a visit please let us know.  Just contact the office (513-541-2415, and we will relay the message to Florence.
Christian One-Liners
God Himself doesn't propose to judge people 'til they're dead,
So why should you?

Florence Poyer supplied us with several of these. We'll share others in future issues.
Thank You Thanks to ...

... Wanda Miller and Ruth Bertram, who will host our coffee hour Sunday. .

... The Revs Kimberly Knight and John Bower for officiating at our Sunday services.

... Hawley Todd, J White, Bob Laake,  Kevin Drigger  and the others who are helping the Spirit set the Healing service on fire.

... Jonathan Tan and Ken Blue for providing organ music for our Sunday services.

... Our weekly office helpers: Mary Mclain, Wanda Miller, Roger Perna, Florence Poyer, Grace Staples and Hawley Todd.

If you know of others who deserve our thanks, do let us know at
Grace Church Appears in an Internet TV Series

Grace as Film SetGrace Church appears in a new internet-based TV series by award-wining director e.E. Charlton-Trujillo.

Grace's nave is used as a setting for a scene in Fallen, which consists series of short episodes shot locally to demonstrate a concept for a possible full-blown TV series.

To see Grace in the movies, go to the Fallen website, click episodes, and play episode 5.

You can read more about this series in a article.
Coming Events
Grace Church Calendar

See the Grace Calendar Page for the most up-to-date listing of events at Grace.  Let us know at if we've missed anything.
Choir Plans for Christmas

The Choir is beginning rehearsals for the Christmas Eve Service which will be celebrated at 7 pm.  Even if you can't sing every Sunday, we would be glad to have you join us for practice and on Christmas Eve.  We need you!  Please see any member of the choir for rehearsal dates and times.
Notes on This Sunday's Readings

You can read Sunday's lessons here.
As we draw to the close of the church year, the liturgy directs us toward the close of history. This "eschatological" emphasis (from the Greek eschaton, meaning "last things") is a central--though not always a popular--part of the Christian proclamation.

Sunday's Gospel is a portion of Jesus' discourse on the final consummation in Mark's Gospel.

The reading from the First Book of Samuel brings us back where we began in our reading through the David history. Here we have the miraculous birth of Samuel who would become the great prophet who anointed David as king.

The reading from Hebrews announces that the death and resurrection of Jesus has redeemed all of God's people. Therefore, as our way of being prepared for the End, the author urges us to remain faithful to the work God has done in our baptism by continuing to share in the life, worship, and ministry of the people of God.

Our liturgy is not only a remembering, so that the acts of God in the past become a present reality; it is also a looking forward to the consummation so that we have a foretaste of its grace now. Thus, the Eucharist is always a participation in the dying and rising of Jesus, and a participation in the kingdom that is to come.
Your "View From the Pew" Requested

Please share your thoughts regarding worship at Grace:  What you particularly like, what you might prefer less of, favorite hymns, etc. 

When you're in church, you can use one of the yellow index cards we have placed in the pews; then place it in the bin on the back table or give to the usher. Or send an email to, with "Attention Worship Committee" somewhere in the message.

We appreciate your input. 

From the Worship Committee.
You're Invited to the Reverend Ernestein Flemister's Installation
Your Prayers and Presence are requested for
The Celebration of a New Ministry
The institution of
The Reverend Ernestein Cassell-Flemister
As second Rector of
St. James House of Prayer Episcopal Church
The Right Reverend Dabney T. Smith
Bishop of the Diocese of Southwest Florida
Sunday, November 29. 2009 at Four O'Clock
Clergy :  Red Stoles
Service:  St. James House of Prayer
2708 N. Central Ave., Tampa, FL  33602
Reception:  Mainsail Suites Hotel & Conference Center
5108 Eisenhower Blvd., Tampa, FL  33634

Those planning to attend the installation in Tampa are requested to RSVP no later than Thursday, November 19, to 813-223-6090. 
CandleTransgender Day of Remembrance Service

The annual Transgender Day of Remembrance Service will take place this year on Friday, November 20 at 7:30 pm at the New Spirit Metropolitan Community Church, 4033 Hamilton Ave in Northside. The program includes a service of musical selections and reflections from the community, ending with a candlelight vigil to pay respect to those needlessly killed by hate crimes against the transgender community.   Representative Denise Driehaus is the guest speaker.

The event is co-sponsored by the Human Rights Campaign and New Spirit MCC.
"Finding Balance in Life through the Practice of Prayer" Offered at Procter

The Rev. Elise Feyerherm will present "Finding Balance in Life through the Practice of Prayer" on Sunday, November 22, from 3 to 5 pm at Procter Camp & Conference Center.

Feyerherm will lead participants in establishing their own framework for organizing and developing a  focused prayer practice. She will help participants understand that the spiritual life of regular, structured prayer is rooted in Genesis I where God brings order out of chaos through creation.

Feyerherm is an instructor at Bexley Hall Seminary where she is responsible for Anglican Formation. Feyerherm also teaches in the Diocese's School for Ministry and leads frequent retreats.

The event is sponsored by DioS Companions, which was established in the diocese to offer regular events, retreats or seminars to develop and form the spiritual life of individuals.

There is no charge. Reservations are encouraged by e-mailing
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While we try our best to represent the Grace Church congregation, opinions expressed here are not necessarily those of anyone other than the editor (and perhaps not even his!).

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