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Wednesday, November 10, 2010
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Celebration of Wholeness and Healing Tonight
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Dear Ken Lyon,

This is a quicky eGraceNotes issue to remind you of the Celebration of Wholeness and Healing tonight.

This service is, if not unique, unusual, in that it combines a short traditional (Episcopal-style) laying on of hands of healing with forms of healing not often (or ever!) seen in church. The rationale for being inclusive: all healing is from God. Click here for pictures.
We'll follow up with a complete eGraceNotes issue soon.


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Celebration of Wholeness and Healing Tonight (Wednesday)

November is a special time of year.  It is a wonderful time to give thanks for all the blessings in our lives.  Tonight (Wednesday) the drumming/healing service will honor our brothers and sisters in the Native American Church.  As a sign of our appreciation, the sacred reading for this service will be a letter written in 1852 from Chief Seattle to the president of the USA.


Please join us tonight. Drumming starts around 6:30 and the liturgy is at 7:00.  Bring your drums and other instruments and experience a sacred night of healing and wholeness.  Remember you are welcome to come and go as it works best for your schedule.


Healing Service Sunday Also


This coming Sunday, November 14, there will be a tradtional healing service taken from the Irish Book of Common Prayer at the Sunday 10 am worship service.

Please join us as the Holy Spirit moves you.  Also please pray that both services have a special anointing of love and grace.

Hawley Todd, TSSF

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