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March 9, 2014

A spiritual home where all are welcome; a healing place in a broken world.

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Outgoing Wardens Thanked for Their Service

Thank You, Roger!



Outgoing Senior Warden Roger Perna was presented with a decanter at the recent Annual Meeting as a memento of our thanks for his contribution. Of him, incoming Senior Warden Carol Lyon writes,  


"Roger Perna was our Senior Warden for the past three years. During that time he was a constant steady presence at Grace church. You could see him in the office, helping to supervise the parolees, or shoveling the walk, and that was the least of it. When Roger saw a need he did it. He helped start new programs and get funding for them. He sent community kids to Procter camp in the summer and was instrumental in starting the community dinner.


"As the new Senior Warden, I am just beginning to see how much time Roger spent doing the Lord's work at Grace. Next time you see him, tell him thanks."


Thank You, Wanda!


Outgoing Junior Warden Wanda Miller also received a memento of thanks. Of her, Carol writes,  


"Wanda was our Junior Warden for the past three years. As she mentioned at the Annual meeting, during that time, she learned more about roofs than she ever wanted to. But the result is that roofs got repaired. She saw to it that the landscaping was maintained and improved and the interior of the building was kept clean. And she knew how to get people to come to a meeting--serve them lunch!


"Grace church is indebted to the hard work Wanda put in. Be sure to tell her thanks the next time you see her."

Praying for Grace During Lent

The people at the Prayer & Meditation Hour Friday morning made this year's Lenten theme, "Pray for Grace," the focus of their meeting.


First, as individuals, they silently asked God for His guidance for Grace Church, then waited quietly for God's answers.  As answers came to them, they jotted them down on 3x5 cards and put them in a purple "Pray for Grace" shoebox.


Then, as a group, they wrote this prayer for God's guidance for Grace Church:


O God, you have placed us as your light on the hill.  We're at a crossroads. We ask you for a clearer view of your vision for us, so that we may do your will. We pray through the awakening Spirit in us. Amen.

The Pray for Grace committee is asking everyone connected with Grace Church to pray daily for Grace Church, and to jot down what they hear and put their answers in one of the purple boxes at the church. "Pray for Grace" refrigerator magnets have been put out next to those purple boxes. Take one home as a reminder.  


The contents of the cards are being posted as they come in on a bulletin board inside the lower Belmont entrance.

Jammin' at Grace--How Sweet it is!

Jammin' at Grace came to Grace the last Friday of February, and the first outing was an AMAZING success! Under the leadership of Pastor Will Hagans, several members of the musician community of the Cincinnati came to Grace and jammed.


There were 60 persons who came to participate in this event, and participate they did. Pastor Hagans led the group in song and  dance. He took requests, and the music genre ranged from hymns to spirituals to oldies but goodies, to comtemporary. We even had themes of favorite TV shows!  


The ages ranged from pre-school to late 70s. Everyone seemed have a great time and is looking ahead to next month's session of Jammin' at Grace.


Special thanks to Robin Camp for providing the chili dinner for this sessionn. Also to Anthony Canady for assisting Robin. And special thanks to all the persons who helped with setup and breakdown.


We hope to see you all on the last Friday of April, 7pm to ???.Don't keep this a secret--tell a musician and some friends.


Thanks to J White for this article. 

PLAY! Workshop Shows How Music Can be Used to Enliven Worship

I went to an exciting workshop last weekend at our Cathedral.  A major part of the workshop demonstrated using jazz at the worship service.  I wish you could have been there for it.   


There were two parts that were exceptionally good.   


One was a presentation headed by a group called Theodicy Jazz Collective.  During this portion they demonstrated how jazz can be a metaphor for how we should work together as a church.  For example, one person takes the lead and the others support.  They demonstrated this musically.  And then when another wants to lead, the first leader steps back and supports to the new leader.  This was all demonstrated musically.   


Another example was to blend the old and new (if you consider jazz new)  First,  we sang the doxology straight with a rather straight accompaniment.  We sang it the second time straight but the accompaniment was a jazzy one.  I liked it because the singing was easy and it was certainly more joyful the second time.


The last event on Saturday was the jazz mass.    It was pretty much a straight Eucharist but the music was jazz. When it was the prelude or the postlude they did what I thought were pretty much jazz numbers.  During the service the jazz music accompanied our traditional words.  For example, when we sang "Glory to God in the highest," the words were straight but the music was upbeat.


It was joyful and fun.  I probably wouldn't want this every Sunday but I think enlivening the service this way every now and again would be great.


Thanks to Carol Lyon for this report.
Altar Flowers

The flowers on the altar this Sunday are given in loving memory of Mathias Kyanjo and Ruth Kakande by David and Maria Mukasa.



You can donate a bouquet of flowers on the altar on any Sunday in honor of or in memory of anyone. The suggested donation is only $35. Virtually all the Sundays between new and December are available. Just sign on the flower sheet by the door or call the church office or email spikelyon@gmail.com or donate online at gracecollegehill.org.

  Thanks to ...

... Roger and Belinda Perna for making sure we had plenty of fried chicken, french fries, vegetables, and dessert for the Community Dinner Wednesday. 

... Mary McLain for the fantastic large Pray for Grace poster as you enter the Belmont door.


... Judy Handy for the wonderful small Pray for Grace posters posted in the hallways.


... David Mukasa for arranging to have the Great Hall insulated.   


... Roger Perna for taking responsibility for having Grace Church host the traditional community Good Friday service at Grace.  


... Judy Handy, J White, Roger Perna, Carol Lyon and Ken Lyon for attending the PLAY workshop on enlivening worship last weekend.  


Even though everyone who does something special may not be recognized each week (although we do try), we are aware of how hard members of this congregation work together to keep this church going.  Most of the work done in this church is by volunteers, so thank you to every one in this congregation for keeping our dream of Grace Church alive by your consistent contributions.  None of us could do it without all of us working together.
 Selected Short Subjects


Spirituality and Healing Center at Grace

We've created a new web page that lists the many programs now offered at what we're calling the Spirituality and Healing Center at Grace. Take a look gracecollegehill.org/spiritualityhealing.shtml. You'll be surprised at how much is happening through our many partnerships.


Card Tables Needed for the College Hill Summit Meeting at Grace

The Summit (a group comprised of leaders of College Hill organizations) is meeting at Grace next Thursday in the Small Assembly Room. We plan to arrange the card tables in that room in a rectangle so that everyone is around one big table.   To seat everyone, it looks like we'll need four more card tables. If you have a table you can lend or give, let Ken Lyon (ken@lyonhouse.us, 513-382-6401) know.


The Free Community Dinner is Now Served Every Wednesday

Starting this month, the free Community Dinner is now being served at Grace every Wednesday starting at 5pm. Last Wednesday was the first time we did a meal on the first Wednesday, and we served about 40 people. Do come and join in the meal and the fellowship, even if you can afford to pay elsewhere. 

The Great Hall is Insulated

 A whole lot of insulation was blown in above the ceiling of the Great Hall last week in the hopes that it will be easier to get that room warm when the weather is cold, and vice versa.   


Life Renewal Discipleship Church is Now Next Dimension Family Worship Center

The Life Renewal Discipleship Church has reorganized as Next Dimension Family Worship Center, under the leadership of Pastor Will Hagans, Jr. The group will continue to share the Grace Church facility.  See their new Facebook page.  


New Prayer Shawl Meeting Times

 The Prayer Shawl Ministry will meet on the first and third Wednesdays of the month in the Parlor from 7:00 - 9:00 pm. Anyone is welcome to attend and those wanting to learn how to knit or crochet should contact the group leader Sam Spade (gracefullsunangel@gmail.com, 513-448-6511).

Prayers and Thanksgivings

Prayers for healing are asked for Rev. Ernestein, Patty Rogers, The Rogers Family, Carl, Jackie, Robb Martin, Kim Martin, Melissa, Jordan and Brandie, Bill and Viola, Lee Hardy, Christine Hicks, Derek, Rhonda Sharp, The Partin Family, Mitchell, Bob Jones and Family., D.L., Merrilee Atkins, Maree White, Verene and Katrina, Anna Keefer, The Coal Miners and their families who are being laid off, Virginia Chapel, Our President and Our Country, Sam Spade, Bill Jenne, Kathy Wills, East Price Hill and The Lauck Family, Don Wake, Patience and her family, Albertha Howard and DeConte Howard, Amandita Sullivan, Horistine, Eugenia and Kenneth, Jacque, Johnny, Lexi Woeste, Emily and Caleb, Earl and Ann, Drew Gibson, JB (Jo), John, Alan Weinrich's Family, All people touched by cancer, Peter Harten, Cathleen, Lisa, Sunny, Judy and Freddy, David and Carol Rossman, Marissa Aleaander, Skip, Jane Strohmeier, Phillis Dietz, The Thrower Family, Anthony, Pastor Rita and Deacon Cornell Bryant and Family, Vincent Leu, Jim, Steve, Cloma and Estil, John Thayer, David, Jessica Veach, Jay Garland and Family, Mike Webster, Nick Lisi, Callie, Hattie and Ann, Judy Handy, Cyndi Miller, Laura Hubrick (Phillis Dietz' daughter), Madeena Nolan, Gwynne and Naomi Gabbard, Marilyn, Marla, Mae Armstead, The Garland Family--Teresa, Debbie and Jay, Maree White, Viola, Irma, Debbie and the Shafer Family, Sherry Ridgeway, Susanne, Gwynne, Jayna, Jill. 


Prayers are asked for members often not able to come to church:  Elizabeth Kelly, Janet Henthorn, Mary Jane Showers, Naomi Koester, Elva Gscheidle, Jo Carroll, Anne Henneberg, Phillis Dietz. 


To add or subtract from this list, please contact the Church Office (513-541-2415, office@gracecollegehill.org) with the names of the persons to be included on this list.  If you email, please place "Prayer Request" in the subject line.  Please also indicate whether the name of the prayer recipient is to be listed in the bulletin.


Names remain on the list for about a month. Please let us know if people should be put back on the list.   


Pastoral Care. If you need pastoral care or know of someone who does, please call or email the office (513-541-2415, office@gracecollegehill.org). Keep us informed about about illness, hospital stays, requests for visits, communion, and prayers for special concerns.
 Coming Attractions

The online Grace Church Calendar lists most everything we know about that's happening at Grace Church. Here's a snapshot of about a week's worth of the online calendar as of today.  If something's not listed, or if you see errors, please tell the office (office@gracecollegehill.org, 513-541-2415).


Worship Service Schedule & Participants

Most of this schedule is new!  Check it out and mark your calendars!

Here is the service schedule as of today. If you're scheduled and can't make it, find a substitute and let Ken Lyon (webmaster@gracecollegehill.org, 513-542-2941) know so the schedule can be updated. 

Sunday Service Participants are needed in all volunteer positions. We will provide training as needed. We are a Common Ministry Parish--everyone is encouraged to serve. C
ontact Ken Lyon (webmaster@gracecollegehill.org ) if you'd like to participate in any of these positions.  

The up-to-date schedule is available on our website (gracecollegehill.org).

Wednesday, March 12, 7pm: Celebration of Wholeness and Healing

  • Officiant: Hawley Todd, TSSF
  • Lead Drummers:    Bob Laake, Rich Spirit
  • Ministers of Healing:     Hawley Todd TSSF, J White, Gwynne Gabbard, Amy Wehr, Sam Spade, Bill Jenne, Colleen Kerns, Fran Malone, Jackie Millay, Matt Peffly, Sherri Elmore, Tammy Robertson, Teri Dettone, Tina Todd, Laurie LeClaire

Sunday, March 16: Celebration of Wholeness and Healing

  • Officiant: Hawley Todd, TSSF
  • Keyboards: Bill Jenne
  • Handbells: John Thayer
  • Crucifer: Ken Lyon
  • Lector: Charlie Parker
  • Litany of Healing: Gwynne Gabbard
  • Healing Ministers (leads): J White & Hawley Todd
  • Offering Counters: John Thayer, Ken Lyon
  • Usher: Wanda Miller
  • Flower Guild: Carol Lyon
  • 9am Adult Bible Study: Ken Lyon

Sunday, March 23: Eucharist II

  • Celebrant: The Rev. Susan Lehman
  • Keyboards: Bill Jenne
  • Acolyte:  Ken Lyon
  • Healing Ministers (leads): J White & Hawley Todd
  • Chalice: Wanda Miller
  • Lector: Roger Perna
  • Prayers of the People: Tammy Robertson
  • Offering Counters: Ruth Bertram, Roger Perna
  • Usher: Ruth Bertram
  • Altar Guild: Wanda Miller
  • Flower Guild: Wanda Miller
  • 9am Adult Bible Study: Ken Lyon

Sunday, March 30: Eucharist II

  • Celebrant: The Rev. Susan Lehman
  • Keyboards: Bill Jenne
  • Crucifer:  Mathias Mukasa
  • Server: Mariah Mukasa
  • Gospel Bearer: Mariah Mukasa
  • Healing Ministers (leads): J White & Hawley Todd
  • Chalice: John Thayer
  • Lector: Maria Mukasa
  • Offering Counters: Carol Lyon, John Thayer
  • Usher: Phyllis Mukasa
  • Altar Guild: Carol Lyon
  • Flower Guild: Carol Lyon
  • 9am Adult Bible Study: Ken Lyon

Sunday, April 6: Celebration of Wholeness and Healing

  • Officiant: Hawley Todd, TSSF

Sunday, April 13, Palm Sunday: Eucharist II

  • Celebrant: The Rev. David Howard

Thursday, April 17, Maundy Thursday: Eucharist II, 7 pm

  • Celebrant: The Rev. Susan Lehman

Friday, April 18, Good Friday Liturgy:  7 pm

  • The Rev. Bob Hufford

Sunday, April 20, Easter Sunday: Eucharist II

  • Celebrant: The Rev. Susan Lehman

Sunday, April 27: Eucharist II

  • Celebrant: The Rev. David Howard

Sunday, May 4: Eucharist II

  • The Rev. Bob Hufford

Sunday, May 11: Eucharist II

  • Celebrant: The Rev. Susan Lehman

Sunday, May 18: Celebration of Wholeness and Healing

  • Officiant: Hawley Todd, TSSF

Sunday, May 25: Eucharist II

  • The Rev. Bob Hufford

Sunday, June 1: Eucharist II

  • Celebrant: The Rev. Susan Lehman

Sunday, June 8, Pentecost: Eucharist II

  • Celebrant: The Rev. Susan Lehman

Sunday, June 15: Celebration of Wholeness and Healing

  • Officiant: Hawley Todd, TSSF

Sunday, June 22: Eucharist II

  • The Rev. Bob Hufford

Sunday, June 29: Eucharist II

  • Celebrant: The Rev. David Howard
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