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Special "Pray for Grace" Issue, April 30, 2014

A spiritual home where all are welcome; a healing place in a broken world.

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"Pray for Grace" Gets Answers  


What is God asking of Grace?  

We have some answers!


During Lent, friends and members of Grace Church Prayed for Grace. We asked God to give us direction and guidance--to tell us what He wants of us.  


People put the answers they received in purple boxes around the church. In 40 days we received 40 answers. Most were encouraging, inviting us to be more aware of God's presence. Others had specific directions as to what we should do now. A couple were discouraging, suggesting a need for a closer look at how we behave.


Click here to read every answer we've gotten so far.  

During this Easter season, we are asking everyone to reflect on what we have heard so far, then to tell us what you think of these answers as well as to provide any additional answers you might have. What do you think we should do? How can it be done? Who can do it? Send your thoughts to Carol Lyon at seniorwarden@gracecollegehill.org.

"Pray for Grace" Finale Coming May 17

All members and friends of Grace are invited to meet on May 17 from 10 am to 1 pm to discern what's next for Grace.  Lisa Hughes, an experienced facilitator, has been engaged to help us.  Goodies will be served.


Send any answers to your prayers for Grace that you haven't already shared to Carol Lyon at seniorwarden@gracecollegehill.org. Also, send any thoughts you have on how our prayers might be implemented. 

Between now and May 17, the committees and teams at Grace church teams will review the answers pertinent to them, research the possibilities and make judgements about what should be next within their area. They will present their ideas at our Pray for Grace Finale.

Please plan to attend the May 17 meeting. Your input will make all the difference..
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