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Saturday, June 14, 2014

A spiritual home where all are welcome; a healing place in a broken world.

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Grace Breaks Out
It was on Pentecost that Jesus' disciples finally left the safety of their meeting room to tell the world about their new understanding of their leader's life and death.  Moved by the Holy Spirit, they attracted lots of attention and inspired others to join their new movement.

On Pentecost 2014, Grace Church left the building and celebrated its 10am service in the parking lot--in spite of threatening weather and some logistical worries. Participants had a worship experience they won't soon forget--and those who passed by got a clear message that Grace Church is breaking out.

Before the service, members and friends converged on the parking lot to set everything up for worship. Altar, tables, chairs, books, bulletins, and 30 poles with flags, balloons and streamers were all ready by 10am.  The service proceeded under threatening skies. Just before communion was to be distributed, some sprinkles caused a retreat to the Small Assembly Room, where all received the bread and wine, and then continued in our traditional Snack 'n Chat. 

What a day!

Lots of people showed up to contribute their energy to pulling off this exciting event.  Here are the names we remember (let us know who we've missed)
  • The Rev. Susan Lehman, who presided over this unusual worship service with flexibility and courage.
  • Sexton Patrick Meade, who during the week, moved chairs and tables so they'd be easier to set up.

  • Roger Perna, who found 20 flags in a church closet.

  • Jeff Ritchie, who came extra early to help staple the Grace Notes (as usual) and then helped with the setup.

  • Candy Moxley, Laurie LeClaire, Carol Lyon,
    and Ruth Bertram, who came early to set up.

  • Bob Fahrenholtz, who came early to set up and who found Ken Lyon's lost hearing aids when Ken had given up hope of ever seeing them again.

  • Walter Handy, who took pictures.

  • Bob and Devin Laake, singers and drummers, who provided special music and a sung version of the psalm.

  • Mariah and Mathias Mukasa who contributed musical selections.

  • John Dalzell, Jennifer Cooper, Maria, Mariah & Mathias Mukasa, Bill Jenne, Laurie LeClaire, Ken Lyon and Judy Handy, who read the Prayers of the People and the Peace in different languages.
  • Anthony Canady, who organized the Snack 'n Chat, and everyone who donated food.
  • The Worship Team (Judy Handy, Ken Lyon, Bill Jenne, Madeena Nolan, John Thayer and J White) who conceived of and planned this unusual worship experience.


See lots of pictures here or here that show Grace Church's coming out party on Pentecost. 

Grace on a Tuesday Night

You probably know that we have over a dozen partner organizations participating in the Spirituality and Healing Center at Grace. Most of us think of churches as being deserted between Sundays, and sometimes it can surprise even one of us when we find out it's not.  Here's a little example from Carol Lyon. 


On a recent Tuesday night, I stopped by the church to put some food in a refrigerator. I headed for the Small Assembly Room to put it in the refrigerator there.  As I was about to enter, I heard the Narcotics Anonymous group starting their serenity prayer. "O God, give us the serenity to accept what cannot be changed, the courage to change what can be changed, and the wisdom to know the one from the other."


As I turned aside to go down the hallway to put the food in the upstairs refrigerator I could heard the voices in the Healing Graces room.  


I walked up the stairs and put the food in the refrigerator near the Great Hall. Then I remembered I needed to stop by the office. As I entered the upper hallway I could hear the ooom mantra wafting down the hall from the Nave being said by the Oneness Blessing--a rich calming sound.  


As I continued toward the office, I could see Tai Chi class was starting in the choir room.


Once in the office, I paused to think how great it was that our building was being used for spiritual healing and health on a weekday night by four different groups.


See of all the Spirituality and Healing groups listed here

Procter Camp Begins for Two on June 10
Keylan and Keyontae Holt were the first two children that we were able to send to Procter Camp this week. Both brothers were excited to embark on this new adventure and are looking forward to a week of fun and learning in a church camp environment. Pictured are Keylan, Brian, and Keyontae Holt (L-R) at the Procter Camp registration area with their grandmother, Barbara Strum.


We want to thank all Grace Church members and friends who have contributed to this endeavor. We have funds to send four more children to camp later this summer.   


We have a list of others who want to go, and we would like to send as many of them as possible.   You are welcome to contribute to the Camp Fund by sending a check payable to Grace Episcopal Church. Or click here to donate online.  If you have any questions, please call Roger Perna (513-290-7309).      


Thanks to Roger Perna for heading up this effort. 

 Selected Short Subjects


10 am Sunday Worship returns to the Great Hall Sunday, and will remain in that location until after Labor Day. 


Kathy Mank of Christ Church Cathedral and Tammy Robertson of Grace Church will be graduating from Education for Ministry this Sunday at Grace. I would love it if folks who were in classes with them any year would come and support them.  Actually anyone who has been in EfM at any time would be most welcome to come and celebrate with us! I do hope you can join us!

--Hawley Todd 


Our sexton, Patrick Mead's wife had surgery Tuesday.  As far as we know it went well.  This means Patrick's schedule will be a bit irregular for a while. Please be patient.


The Eucharistic Visitor training is rescheduled for Saturday, June 14th at 11 AM in the church parlor with Bob Hufford as trainer. All who are interested in a refresher course as well as newcomers to this important outreach program are welcome to attend and learn Eucharistic visitation rules and guidelines/practices required by the Episcopal diocese.

People who have received this training will be able to take communion to our shut-ins immediately after Sunday morning worship.   


Patty Rogers, the girl with neuroblastoma that we have been praying for the last couple of years, went ahead and did her confirmation classes this past year and was confirmed on Sunday. It is a wonderful story. Read it here:
 http://www.caringbridge.org/visit/patriciarogers .  

Thanks ... 

... to Candy Moxley for coming up with an outside-the-box idea inexpensive way to screen the windows to keep bugs out of the Gloria Holder room. And thanks to Sexton Patrick Meade for helping her execute her plan. Take a look!

... to everyone for your prayers for my husband from Rhonda Partin. He was having a hard time getting his blood sugar under control, and this went on for over a year. He went to the doctor this week, and his A1C was within normal range for the first time in well over a year.  Thank you all for your prayers, and thanks to God for this improvement in my husband's health condition.

... to everyone who helped in any way with the Community Dinner and Prayer Offerings from the Tuesday night food preparation, to set up, serving, visiting with attendees, praying with people in the parlor, to clean up or any other way you might have offered assistance. Your help is appreciated.

... to Hawley Todd for leading and providing liturgy for the Healing Service on Wednesday night. Thanks to Bob Laake for leading the drumming. Thanks to all who attended and to all who gave and received.

... to Judy Handy for handling the creation of the bulletin for the last couple of years. Thanks also to Ken Lyon for joining the bulletin team and assisting Judy with that task the last couple of months. Thanks to Ken and Judy for working together to create the framework of the bulletin for the office to print each week and for both being such an effective part of the team. They are both such a joy to work with.

Even though everyone who does something special may not be recognized each week (although we do try), we are aware of how hard members of this congregation work together to keep this church going.  Most of the work done in this church is by volunteers, so thank you to every one in this congregation for keeping our dream of Grace Church alive by your consistent contributions.  None of us could do it without all of us working together.
Altar Flowers

You can donate a bouquet of flowers on the altar on any Sunday in honor of or in memory of anyone. The suggested donation is only $35. Just sign on the flower sheet by the door or call the church office or email spikelyon@gmail.com or donate online at gracecollegehill.org.
Prayers and Thanksgivings

Prayers for healing are asked for Rev. Ernestein, Patty Rogers and Sarah and Joe Rogers - Patty's parents, Carl, Jackie, Robb Martin, Kim Martin, Melissa, Jordan and Brandie, Bill, Viola and Irma, Lee Hardy, Rhonda Sharp, The Partin Family, D.L., Merrilee Atkins, Maree White, Anna Keefer, Virginia Chapel and Family, Our President and Our Country, Anni Gibson, Bill Jenne, Don Wake, Albertha Howard and DeConte Howard, Johnny, Peter Harten, Phillis Dietz, Peter Hawkins, Judy Handy, Laura Hubrich (Phillis Dietz' daughter), Madeena Nolan, Gwynne and Naomi Gabbard, Marla, Mae Armstead, The Garland Family - Teresa, Debbie and Jay, Sherry Ridgeway, Jayna, Jan Sharp, James McNabb, Bev Olinger, David McManus, Kathy Casebolt's family and friends, Ruth Bertram. 


Prayers are asked for members often not able to come to church:  Elizabeth Kelly, Janet Henthorn, Mary Jane Showers, Naomi Koester, Elva Gscheidle, Jo Carroll, Anne Henneberg, Phillis Dietz, Raymond Betts.  


To add or subtract from this list, please contact the Church Office (513-541-2415, office@gracecollegehill.org) with the names of the persons to be included on this list.  If you email, please place "Prayer Request" in the subject line.  Please also indicate whether the name of the prayer recipient is to be listed in the bulletin.


Names remain on the list for about a month. Please let us know if people should be put back on the list.   


Pastoral Care. If you need pastoral care or know of someone who does, please call or email the office (513-541-2415, office@gracecollegehill.org). Keep us informed about about illness, hospital stays, requests for visits, communion, and prayers for special concerns.
 Coming Attractions

See the online Grace Church Calendar lists most everything we know about that's happening at Grace Church. If something's not listed, or if you see errors, please tell the office (office@gracecollegehill.org, 513-541-2415).


See a list of Grace Church worship services and participants' assignments here

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