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Thursday, June 19, 2014

A spiritual home where all are welcome; a healing place in a broken world.

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Thank-You's from This Year's First Campers



Keylan and Keyontae Holt have returned from Procter Camp.  They were the first two children that we were able to send this year. Above are their thank-you notes. 


We also received this note:


To Mr Roger and the members and community of the Episcopal Church:

I just want to say thanks and give much heartfelt appreciation for all the friendship and assistance that has been shown to my family.

The boys were extremely excited to go to Procter Camp. They had so much fun.  It's a beautiful serene place and I also enjoyed the ride there with you and Mrs. Roger.  

Again, may the blessings of the Lord continue to rain upon you and the congregation. I cannot thank you enough. 

Much Agape Love,   

Barbara Sturm (their grandmother) and the Holts  

We have enough donated money to send at least four more kids from Grace Church and the College Hill Hill community, but we still have a list of other kids who want to go. You are welcome to contribute to the Camp Fund by sending a check payable to Grace Episcopal Church. Or click here to donate online. If you have any questions, please call Roger Perna (513-290-7309). 


Thanks to Roger Perna for heading up this effort. 

Education for Ministry Graduates Recognized
Two new graduates of the Education for Ministry program at Grace Church were honored Sunday by mentor Hawley Todd, TSSF.  Tammy Robertson of Grace Church and Kathy Mank of Christ Church Cathedral both received diplomas recognizing their completion of this four-year program. 

Mentor Hawley Todd pointed out that this program not only studies the Old and New Testaments, church nistory and modern theologians, but more importantly, it provides continual opportunities to develop one's own theological understanding.

Read more about EfM here.
A New Acolyte-in-Training

Robert Garvin has been added to the corps of acolytes serving at Grace Church.  He assisted at his first service last Sunday. 

Acolytes can be boys or girls, men or women.  If you'd like to be one, too, just contact Ken Lyon (ken@lyonhouse.us, 542-382-6401).
New Photos in the Grace Picture Directory

We've added several photos to the online Grace Picture directory.  Click on any of the above pictures to see a larger picture and the name of the person pictured. See the complete directory here. If you'd like your picture added to our directory of members and friends, send us your picture, or see Ken Lyon, who'll be happy to take your picture.
 Selected Short Subjects


The Eucharistic Visitor training was held Saturday with Bob Hufford as trainer. Since the class, we have discovered that there are more people who are interested in this ministry, so another class will be scheduled in the near future.  


All who are interested in a refresher course as well as newcomers to this important outreach program are welcome to attend and learn Eucharistic visitation rules and guidelines/practices required by the Episcopal diocese.  


People who have received this training will be able to take communion to our shut-ins immediately after Sunday morning worship.   
Altar Flowers

You can donate a bouquet of flowers on the altar on any Sunday in honor of or in memory of anyone. The suggested donation is only $35. Just sign on the flower sheet by the door or call the church office or email spikelyon@gmail.com or donate online at gracecollegehill.org.
Prayers and Thanksgivings

Special prayers are asked for Phillis Dietz' daughter, Laura Hubrich, who is having surgery Friday for breast cancer, followed by six weeks of radiation, and for Phillis Dietz, who underwent hernia surgery a couple of weeks ago.  


Prayers for healing are asked for Rev. Ernestein, Patty Rogers and Sarah and Joe Rogers - Patty's parents, Carl, Jackie, Robb Martin, Kim Martin, Melissa, Jordan and Brandie, Bill, Viola and Irma, Lee Hardy, Rhonda Sharp, The Partin Family, D.L., Merrilee Atkins, Maree White, Anna Keefer, Virginia Chapel and Family, Our President and Our Country, Anni Gibson, Bill Jenne, Don Wake, Albertha Howard and DeConte Howard, Johnny, Peter Harten, Phillis Dietz, Peter Hawkins, Judy Handy, Laura Hubrich (Phillis Dietz' daughter), Madeena Nolan, Gwynne and Naomi Gabbard, Marla, Mae Armstead, The Garland Family - Teresa, Debbie and Jay, Sherry Ridgeway, Jayna, Jan Sharp, James McNabb, Bev Olinger, David McManus, Kathy Casebolt's family and friends, Ruth Bertram. 


Prayers are asked for members often not able to come to church:  Elizabeth Kelly, Janet Henthorn, Mary Jane Showers, Naomi Koester, Elva Gscheidle, Jo Carroll, Anne Henneberg, Phillis Dietz, Raymond Betts.  


To add or subtract from this list, please contact the Church Office (513-541-2415, office@gracecollegehill.org) with the names of the persons to be included on this list.  If you email, please place "Prayer Request" in the subject line.  Please also indicate whether the name of the prayer recipient is to be listed in the bulletin.


Names remain on the list for about a month. Please let us know if people should be put back on the list.   


Pastoral Care. If you need pastoral care or know of someone who does, please call or email the office (513-541-2415, office@gracecollegehill.org). Keep us informed about about illness, hospital stays, requests for visits, communion, and prayers for special concerns.
 Coming Attractions

See the online Grace Church Calendar lists most everything we know about that's happening at Grace Church. If something's not listed, or if you see errors, please tell the office (office@gracecollegehill.org, 513-541-2415).


See a list of Grace Church worship services and participants' assignments here

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