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Sunday, November 30, 2014
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How do We Love Grace--Let Us Count the Ways

Last week, we shared some love notes about Grace Notes (see here). Here are some more.  Add yours by sending them to the editor at egracenotes@gracecollegehill.org
From Jackie Millay, "Here's my honoring Haiku for Grace."
Diversity Here
Divine Flow Includes All Peoples
Grace Allows This Dance

From J White, "The service on Sunday. The fellowship with all that enter the doors of GRACE. MOST IMPORTANTLY, THE PRESENCE OF THE HOLY SPIRIT THROUGHOUT THE BUILDING."
Sharing Our Stories

A recent publication from the Episcopal Church starts,


I love a good story.

It's not uncommon for my husband to turn his head and see tears in my eyes. And a smile on my face. He knows I am reading something that has touched my heart.

Stories move us. When I ask workshop participants whether they prefer reading a story or a report, well, I expect you know which option most people choose. 


Here's a story that Candace Moxley shared this week: 


How God Worked in My Life. On the shopping day black Friday I went to get my tablet repaired. I had been given a card for a person who could do it. I called him and found out that he was having surgery. Though I knew it would take longer to repair my lifeline, I was able to offer him healing. I was able to offer him Grace Church. My lifeline is his lifeline! Jesus.

Share your stories by sending them to egracenotes@gracecollegehill.org.  
Next Dimension Serves Community Dinner Last Wednesday
Every Wednesday, one of four churches serves a free Community Dinner to everyone who comes, no questions asked.  Last Wednesday, the folks pictured above from Next Dimension Family Worship Center did the honors.  
The free Community Dinner is served every Wednesday by
  • Grace Episcopal Church
  • Good News Baptist Church
  • Next Dimension Family Worship Center
  • Trans-Saints Ministry of the Fellowship of Affirming Ministries
With support from
  • Christ Church Cathedral
  • The Episcopal Community Services Foundation.
You Can Still Join the Book Club at Grace

The new book club forming at Grace Church met last Tuesday and began reading aloud  Amish Grace: How Forgiveness Transcended Tragedy. We got through the first chapter. 


At that meeting we decided to change our meeting time to 3pm on Tuesdays.  


You can still join the group.  Copies of the book are available for a cost of $12.00. It's not really necessary to buy the book. Questions?  contact Roger Perna (pernas2@zoomtown.com,  513-290-7309). 

Selected Short Subjects

Grace Church Seeks Music Leader.  We are seeking a musician who will help build up our Sunday morning congregation by leading us in a variety of inspiring worship music. Read all about it hereIf you know someone who could help us, please tell him or her about this position.


From Senior Warden Carol Lyon, "Good News.  I just received official notification that the Diocese Commission on Congregational Life has approved  a grant of $10,000 to support our outreach programs in 2015.  This is $2,000 more than we received this year."


A neighbor woman needs size 16 clothes including a coat and gloves.  She lives in nearby transition housing. Bring clothing to the office. 

 Mark Your Calendar 

Queen City Rainbow Band will host a free dinner and concert at Grace Church on Monday, December 15. Details coming. 


Christmas Eve Services will be December 24 at 7pm (note change from previously announced time).


Christmas Day Services will be December 25 at 10am. 


Christmas Lessons & Carols on the Sunday after Christmas (December 28) will give us a chance to sing lots of Christmas music.  


The online Grace Church Calendar lists most everything we know about that's happening at Grace Church. If something's not listed, or if you see errors, please tell the office (office@gracecollegehill.org, 513-541-2415).


Grace Church worship services and participants' assignments are shown here

Advent Lessons & Carols at the Cathedral at 5pm Today, Sunday, November 30



Today, Sunday, at 5pm at Christ Church Cathedral in downtown Cincinnati, hear a choral service that's lots more moving and soothing than "Jingle Bells" in the mall.


Here are some of the pieces that you'll hear sung by the Cathedral Choir.

Let My Prayer Come Up as the Incense - Peter Hallock 
The Great "O Antiphons" - Mode 2 plainchant & Peter Hallock 
O Sapientia - Robert Ramsey 
Confortamini - Orlando di Lasso 
Es ist ein Ros' entsprungen - arr. Donald Cashmore 
Lift Up Your Heads, O Ye Gates - William Mathias 
Infinite Light - arr. Paul Halley 
Rorate coeli - Josef Rheinberger 
A Hymn to the Virgin - Benjamin Britten
Thanks ...


... to Roger Perna for organizing the Tuesday Reading group. 


If you want to thank anyone in the congregation for something they did week (leading the meditation in the Friday Prayer and Meditation group, going above and beyond on a routine responsibility, donating food or cooking for the Community Dinner, etc.) then please send that thank you to Ken Lyon (eGraceNotes@gracecollegehill.org) or the office (office@gracecollegehill.org), so they can be recognized.
Altar Flowers

You can donate a bouquet of flowers on the altar on any Sunday in honor of or in memory of anyone. The suggested donation is only $35. Just sign on the flower sheet by the door or call the church office or email spikelyon@gmail.com or donate online at gracecollegehill.org.
Prayers and Thanksgivings


Mary McLain requests prayers for her son, David Malis, who had surgery Thursday for a detached retina.   


Prayers for healing are asked for Rev. Ernestein, Patty Rogers, The Rogers Family, (Sarah and Joe Rogers - Patty's parents), Carl, Jackie, Robb Martin, Kim Martin, Melissa, Jordan and Brandie, Lee Hardy, Rhonda Sharp, The Partin Family, D.L., Maree White, Robert and Kathleen Keefer and Anna Keefer, Virginia Chapel and Family, Our President and Our Country, Anni Gibson, Albertha Howard and DeConte Howard, Johnny, Peter Harten, Laura Hubrich, Peter Hawkins, Judy Handy, Madeena Nolan, Gwynne and Naomi Gabbard, Marla, Mae Armstead, Jan Sharp, James McNab, Bev Olinger, Paul, Katharine Thayer, Grace Moore, Stella Parker, Jim and Nancy Vath, Darryl Handy, Father Hufford, Father Ray Betts and Mary McLain, Ken Lyon, Cyndi Miller.   


Prayers are asked for members often not able to come to church: Elizabeth Kelly, Janet Henthorn, Naomi Koester, Elva Gscheidle, Jo Carroll, Anne Henneberg, Raymond Betts.


To add or subtract from this list, please contact the Church Office (513-541-2415, office@gracecollegehill.org) with the names of the persons to be included on this list. If you email, please place "Prayer Request" in the subject line. Please also indicate whether the name of the prayer recipient is to be listed in the bulletin.


Names remain on the list for about a month. Please let us know if people should be put back on the list.


Pastoral Care. If you need pastoral care or know of someone who does, please call or email the office (513-541-2415, office@gracecollegehill.org). Keep us informed about about illness, hospital stays, requests for visits, communion, and prayers for special concerns.
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Ken Lyon, Editor
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