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Grace Church and over a dozen partner organizations seek to bring deeper spirituality and healing into our lives and the lives around us. In the broadest sense, virtually everything Grace Church and our partners do contributes to people’s spirituality and healing.

Spirituality is a journey we take in the hope that we will experience God’s presence in our lives more and more—to develop a closeness with the Divine. There are many spiritual practices, but only one destination—a closer relationship with our Creator.

Healing involves all of our relationships--with others and with creation. When we seek to be healed, we seek to mend what is broken in our lives. It starts with healing our broken relationship with God, proceeds to reconciling our relationships with others, and finally, we seek to become the whole person God created us to be by finding healing within ourselves.  Or perhaps it happens the other way around--as we are healed, so are our relationships.

It is impossible to separate spirituality from healing. Almost everything happening at Grace embodies both in varying proportions.

Partnerships are key to Spirituality and Healing at Grace. Through our partnerships, hundreds of people every week are helped on their spiritual journey and on their path to healing.

Here are the  Spirituality and Healing programs at Grace. See the calendar for dates, times and locations.


Partners and Contacts

Grace Church Sunday Worship Since 1866, Grace Episcopal Church’s Sunday morning worship has helped many on their spiritual journey and on the path to healing what is broken in their relationships with God and neighbor. Laying on of hands for healing is available at every service. Holy Eucharist most Sundays, Celebration of Wholeness and Healing one Sunday a month. Grace Church: Judy Handy.
Wednesday Celebration of Wholeness and Healing Incorporates multiple modes of healing including prayer, laying on of hands, drumming and Reiki. Second Wednesdays. 7 pm to ??? Ecumenical Healing Ministry: Hawley Todd, TSSF

Rhythm For Wellness: Bob Laake

Grace Church Community Dinner Free dinner offered to all every Wednesday from 5 to 7 pm. Come and share in the fellowship meal (even if you can afford to eat elsewhere).  Read more in this special issue of eGraceNotes. Grace Church: J White

TransSaints Fellowship of Affirming Ministries: FE Harris

Christ Church Cathedral

Grace Church Bread Ministry The Bread Ministry is an outgrowth of the Community Dinner.  Bread and pastries are contributed by Panera Bread and others every week, and it was too much for the dinner, so other needy organizations are now getting bread and pastries from Grace Church.  J White
Prayer & Meditation Hour.  Explores ways that people can deepen their spirituality--their experience of God.  The group meets every Friday at 11 am. Grace Church: Judy Handy
Parolee Community Service Program Ohio State Parolees look forward to coming to Grace each month to fulfill their community service obligations. They work with congregation members to beautify our grounds and building, then sit down for lunch with congregation members. Parole Officer Brenda Lang.

Grace Church: Mary McLain, Wanda Miller, Grace Staples, Kristin Blackburn-Scanlon.

Interfaith Hospitality Network (IHN) Partnering with other College Hill churches, provides overnight care and safety for homeless families.  This includes homemade meals, activities for children and adults.  These services are provided at various College Hill churches for a week, every month or so.  Grace Church: Grace Staples, Mary McLain, Bruce Harris, Charlene Miller, Gordon Austin and his Spirit Band members. 
Education for Ministry.

Education for Ministry (EfM) is for anyone who is looking for a a safe place to explore and refine their faith through study and reflection on the bible, church history and modern theologians. In this group learning experience, participants learn to better articulate their faith and to see new ways to live their faith. Read more about EfM here.

Mentor Hawley Todd, TSSF
Healing Graces

The Healing Graces room is a loving space where we invite God's energy to promote healing. During this process the body relaxes, allowing all systems to shift towards balance. All welcome. The Healing Graces room is available to all healers.

Grace Church: Candace Moxley
ChiKung/TaiChi Workshops Provides an experiential, meditative means of gathering, storing, and circulating vital life force energy (Chi/Qi), through a set of relaxing, restoring, exercises (Kung). Harmonic Pulse Wellness: Jackie Millay
Narcotics Anonymous This twelve-step program has been meeting weekly at Grace for many years.  
Cincinnati School of Metaphysics The School of Metaphysic’s step-by-step method of applied study is guaranteed to produce permanent results through daily use of universal truths. Students develop understanding and mastery of mental skills including undivided attention, concentration, listening, memory, re-energizing and realizing of mind and body, mental healing, and communication. Meditation, dream interpretation, intuitive and spiritual development are the means to experience the inner levels of consciousness. Jonathan Duerbeck
Oneness Blessing A dogma-free, subtle energy transmission for the purpose of personal growth, enhanced meditation and a on-going quieting of the mind. Matt Ziegler
Loveflow People all over the greater Cincinnati area love to come together to promote peace, creativity and consciousness growth. They meet at Grace monthly during cold weather. Kimberly Spivey
World Sound Healing Day An annual Sonic Valentine for the Earth, combining sound and intention to generate peace, global and personal transformation. Features standout musicians and audience toning. Audrey Causilla
Children's Hospital Clothes Closet A clothes closet for long-term patients at the local Children's Hospital residential treatment program. Stephanie Rowland
Community Good Friday Service Every year, people from all local churches come together to remember Christ’s crucifixion at the  Community Good Friday Service at Grace Church. College Hill Ministerium: Drew Smith
Marching Trojan Explosion and Strawberry Essence Marching band, drill team and dance team.  Several groups for ages 5 to 18.  Gordon Austin
Invito Personal Chef Invito Personal Chef works to improve health and wellness by assessing and identifying the risks, needs and problems related to unhealthy eating and nutrition. He develops weekly Lifestyle Specific Meal Plans to promote a healthy way of life. Anthony Jordan
Dancing With God Ecstatic Dance Dancing with God is a free-form movement meditation as an alternative approach to manage stress, depression, anxiety and chronic pain. Nichole Mix
Love Force Love Force is committed to helping raise human consciousness through the power of organic raw vegan food nutrition and other positive mindful products. Aaron Suttschenko
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