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Who is Welcome at Grace Church?

All are welcome at Grace Church.  Yes, all: the righteous, the unrighteous, the sober, the alcoholic, the unchurched, the churched, conservatives, liberals, the tattooed, the young, the old, clean, unclean, smart, mentally disabled, athletic, bumbler. You get the picture. You can come, and you can safely invite your neighbor, friend, or even a relative. Whatever the circumstances, all are welcomed to seek to deepen or renew their spiritual life at Grace.

We seek to be a community where those who seek God find support, acceptance and forgiveness, not judgment or condemnation.

We invite all to be embraced by Christ's love through our love for one another.

Welcome to our Worship. When you come to our worship services, you will be welcomed:
  • Welcomed by an usher who will make sure that you have a service booklet that will allow you to participate easily in our liturgy. If you have never been to an Episcopal church or it was a loooong time ago, our church aerobics might be confusing. If you want someone to sit with you as a guide, just ask the usher.
  • Welcomed during the Passing of the Peace, when virtually everyone present will offer to shake your hand, greeting you with the Peace of the Lord.
  • Welcomed at the Lord's Table, where all are invited to receive Communion as a sign of our unity in Christ.
  • Welcomed after the service, when people will be happy to chat with you and answer your questions over refreshments at our "Snack 'n Chat."
We are lay-led congregation. We operate under the leadership of lay people who are elected at our annual meeting. All members share in directing and doing our congregation's ministries. We hire resources to do those few things that can't be done by volunteers.  Liturgies requiring ordained leadership are led by a small rotation of Episcopal clergy.
You are Welcome to Serve or Be Served. We offer plenty of opportunities to participate (see Ministries), but we will not pressure you to get involved.  We will leave you in peace to come and go as you want for as long as you want. 
New to the Episcopal Church? If you're new to the Episcopal Church, you may find our FAQ's and Glossary helpful.
Would you Welcome a Visit? We would welcome an opportunity to visit with you.  Contact the office (see below) to make arrangements.
Finding Grace. Here is a map and directions to Grace. Grace Church is located in College Hill, a neighborhood in Cincinnati, Ohio. 
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5501 Hamilton Avenue at Belmont, Cincinnati (College Hill) OH 45224

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